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Emotional Health
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Helpmeet wife
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Sexual Temptation
Wifely Submission


Accountability: in Marriage

Make Marriage Your responsibility
Marriage: Taking Responsibility
What Are My Responsibilities In Marriage?

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Adultery: Healing From

Best Way To Preserve Your Marriage - Don't Cheat
Have You Cheated on Your Spouse? How to Stay Faithful
How to Save Marriage if Your Spouse is Cheating  
How to Help Your Spouse Stop Cheating  
What Really Causes a Spouse To Cheat?
Adultery is Forgivable
Broken Promises, Lies, and Infidelity
Cheating Christian Spouses
Forgive and Love a Cheating Spouse
Faithfulness vs. Infidelity
Heal Marriage After Adultery
Is Flirting The Same As Cheating?
Is Your Christian Spouse Cheating?
Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery
Why Am I Obligated To Stay Married To An Adulterer?
Why Do Some People Cheat?
How to Cope With a Christian Cheating Spouse?
Forgiving and Loving Christian Cheating Spouse
5 Reasons Why Affairs Don't Work
3 Ways to Guarantee Your Husband Won't Cheat on You?
Defining Adultery
Why Would Your Christian Spouse Cheat? 

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Adultery Pandemic: Healing
Ourselves and Restoring Marriage After a Spouse Commits Adultery

A treasure book filled with effective guidance for your marriage from forgiveness and trust to recommitting your lives to each other again. Practical and easy-to-read,AA treasure book filled with effective guidance for your marriage from forgiveness and trust to recommitting your lives to each other again. Practical and easy-to-read,A treasure book filled with effective guidance for your marriage from forgiveness and trust to recommitting your lives to each other again. Practical and easy-to-read, this book combines the solutions and remedies your marriage needs towards recovery from adultery.  
Ebook $7.95

Hardcopy $19.95

How to Forgive and Love A Cheating Spouse. emotionally. Having a successful marriage after adultery has four main aspects that need special attention, they are: Forgiveness, Accountability, read more

Alcoholism Healing From

Alcoholism Healing From

Don't Ask The Alcoholic To Make Promises They Can't Keep
How to Talk to Your Spouse About His/Her Drinking Problem
Do You Love an Alcoholic setting boundaries?
How Alcoholism Controls Your Life
How Alcoholism Controls Body, Mind, and Spirit
Reflections on Alcoholism
Alcoholic Christian
Overcome Alcohol Addiction
How to Detach From Alcoholic Spouse
Denial Leads the Addict Further into Addiction
Can Addicts Cure Themselves Without God? *New*
Do You Love an Alcoholic? Stop Rescuing and Enabling?
Married to an Alcoholic: Am I Helping My Spouse to Drink?
How to Get Sober and Stay Sober For Good!
How To Talk To Your Alcoholic Husband About Sexual Intimacy

Book_Cover1.jpg (595331 bytes)The Alcoholism Trap ~ What You Can Do to Achieve Sobriety for Good!
Eligible for FREE Summer Shipping on orders over $19.95

Are you married to a Jekyl and Hyde? You're not alone. You can break free when you stop trying to rescue the alcoholic and rescue you instead! This book also shows the alcoholic the exact steps neeAre you married to a Jekyl and Hyde? You're not alone. You can break free when you stop trying to rescue the alcoholic and rescue you instead! This book also shows the alcoholic the exact steps needed towards recovery from alcoholism

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Attitude: Healing From

How To Have The Right Attitude For Your Marriage
Change in Attitude Can Change Our Heart
Marriage Takes a Forgiving Attitude?
Marriage Healing Begins With Attitude and Beliefs
Why It's Hard To Say "I'm Sorry?"

Are You Living the Marriage You Dreamed You Would?

Commitment in Marriage

Biggest Secrets For Staying Married For Life
A Great And Awesome Marriage
Five Ways To A Great Marriage

Communication in Marriage

Five Foundations For A Great Marriage
Five Ways To Improve Communication With Your Spouse
How To Apply Productive Communication Into Your Marriage
A Good Communicator is a Good Listener
Being Emotionally there for Your Spouse
6 Weeks of Pleasure with Your Spouse

Courtship: Godly

Courtship Tips For Women Right Person For Marriage?

Conflict: Healing From  

Are Negative Emotions Controlling You?
Are You Abusive With Your Emotions
Do Husband and Wife Need To Agree All The Time?
Do You Reject Your Spouses Feelings?
Four Ways Couples Verbally Abuse Each Other
How To Productively Release Anger
Is Resentment Destroying Your Marriage?
The Traveling Husband
The Throw Away Spouse
Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn't Break it off
Golden Rule: Do Unto Others...

Detach With Love

Marriage: Detach with love

Divorce: Save Marriage From

If Your Christian Spouse Divorces You, What is God's Will For You? *NEW*
Career Women More Prone To Divorce Their Husbands?
Irreconcilable Differences: Is it Really Reason For Divorce? New*
God Designed Marriage to be Permanent
Divorce According To God and The Sanctity of Your Marriage
Choosing To Work on Your Marriage?
Desperate Matters
Five Wise Ways To Save Your Marriage
Learn To Reconcile Differences and Stay Married
I think I married the Wrong Person
Ten Reasons To Stay Married
Seven More Ways To Stay Married To Your First Love
Second Opinion About Divorce
Stop Divorce in its Tracks  
Restoring Your Marriage When only one Spouse is Willing
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Emotional/Spiritual Well-being and Self (God) Healing

Are You A Caterpillar or a Butterfly?
Being A Good Spouse
Five Ways To Give Up Improper Habits
Jumpstart Your Mind With Spiritual Affirmations
Love The Person You Are And Hate The Person You've Been
Total Health Goal
Why Am I Jealous?
Thinking Big For Your Marriage Is Not Magic
Proper Care And Feeding of Myself
What Can You Do When A Spouse Is Depressed?
What Can Jesus Do For Your Eyesight?

Emotional Infidelity

Do You Know Who Your Spouse Is Talking To On The Internet?
Emotional Infidelity?
How Flirting and Touching is Emotional Infidelity NEW**
Emotional Adultery: Disrespect Between Couples
Meeting Each Other's Emotional Needs New**
Is Looking and Flirting the Same as Cheating?
Are You Emotionally There For Your Spouse?

Faith and Prayer

Finding Faith In God and Keeping It?
How Should We Pray?
Spiritual Cleanse of the Heart, Mind, and Soul
How to Be and Stay Faithful


Does Your Child Really

Does Your Child Really Have ADD?/a>Forget About labels Let The Sunshine In
Growing Up and Getting Married in Today's Society
Home schooling and Working Part time
What Does Dad Need Most For Fathers Day?
Parenting: Tough Love
Making Your House a Home
Motherhood: The Most Important Job?
Caring for a Loved One with Cancer

Feminism: Healing From

the Feminism Attitude and Wifely Submission
3 Ways Career Wives Are a Disadvantage to Marriage
Am I Married To A Bull? 
A Wife's Submission To Her Husband
Are You Married to a Bossy and Controlling Spouse?
Battle of the Sexes vs. Genesis
Christians Values: Career Woman or Helpmeet Wife?
Married Women Who Control Men
Independent Minded Christian Woman?
Choices of Womanhood

Finances / Budget / Industriousness

Crumble of Intimacy with the "His Money Her Money" Attitude
Keeping Up With The Joneses or Not?



Beauty of the Imperfect Marriage
Forgiveness in Your Marriage
How to Know If You Have Truly Forgiven
How Can I Forgive
To Forgive or Not To Forgive
Unfaithful Husband Seeking Forgiveness
Unfaithful Wife Seeking Forgiveness
Learning to Forgive Your Spouse
The Key to Forgiveness is Acceptance
How to Forgive When Someone Covets Your Spouse

Godly Marriage 

Are Christians Following Christ For Their Marriage? *New*
5 biblical Aspects About Forgiveness
Shine Your Light In Your Marriage
Taking God For Granted
A Healthy Marriage Relies On Gods Indisputable Truths
Biblical Facts About Marriage
Do It Yourself (God Based) Marriage Counseling
Does Your Marriage Belong To God?
Divine Marriage 
Five Facts You Should Know About Marriage
God's Loving Guidance
God Designed Marriage to be Permanent
Instruction Book For Marriage
Trusting In God For Your Marriage
Making Your Marriage Work!
You Can Restore Your Marriage
Why Do Marriages Fail?
What is Important In Marriage?
Save Your Marriage by Starting Over With a Clean Slate NEW*
Major Reason Why Christian Marriage Can't be Saved New*
Sermon on the Mount For Marriage
Where Do Your Treasures Lie? What Is God's Will?

Helpmeet wife

How a Wife is to be a Helpmeet to Her Husband *New*
How a Wife Helps Her Husband Take the Lead**NEW

Headship & Submission and the Feminist

The Head of Woman is Man
How Can A Christian Husband Protect His Wife
Christian Roles of Husband and Wife
Husband Instructed To Love Wife and Wife Instructed to Submit
King of the Castle
It's Not Too Late To Be The Spiritual Leader In Your Home
I Want To Be The Godly Man of Our Household

Marital Duties of the Christian Husband and Wife
The Man Who Would Not Lead His Family In The Lord
How Should a Husband Love His Wife? *New*
How a Husband can Spiritually Influence His Wife
How a Wife Helps Her Husband Take the Lead**NEW
Should a Christian Husband Submit to His Wife?

How a Husband Should Love His Wife and a Wife Her Husband

Frank and Angie bring you a fresh understanding of the traditional roles of marriage. 


Fasting In Acute Disease
Five Natural Remedies You Can Find In Your Kitchen
Taking Care of a Loved One With Cancer
Look and Feel Great at 40-something



How Would Jesus Want Us to Celebrate His Birthday?
Giving Spiritual Gifts This Holiday Season
5 Ways to take the Trick out of Halloween
5 Ways to Be Patient and Kind During Holiday Shopping Season
How to Survive Christmas with the In Laws
True Meaning of Christmas is in the Hearts and Minds of Believers
Best Buy Black Friday Experience
What Are You Giving Jesus For His Birthday This Year?
Turning Over a New Wreath
New Years Resolution or Transformation?

In-laws: Dealing With

Does Your Marriage Crave water or coca cola 
Difficult In-laws: Severing The Umbilical Cord
Seven Ways To Love Difficult In-Laws?


How To Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Marriage
Love, Sex, and Intimacy In Marriage
Igniting The Fires of Intimacy 
Intimately Satisfied In Your Marriage
Creative Valentines Day and Dinner For Two
Crumble of Intimacy with His Money Her Money Attitude


Joy and Happiness

How To Be Happy In Your Marriage
How To Have Happiness and Abundance In Marriage
Unhappy in Marriage But Don't Believe In Divorce?
Why Are Unhappy People Unhappy?
A Healthy Marriage Depends on Team Players: Are you a team player?
Are You Living the Marriage You Dreamed You Would?

Love and Loving Your Spouse

Don't Always Say, "I Love You", Show Your Love
Have You Really Fallen out of Love With Your Spouse?
How To Strengthen Your Marriage
How To Love The Man You Married
How To Love The Woman You Married
How NOT to Change Your Spouse
Love Is A Gift From God
Love The Woman You Married 
Love The Man You Married
Long-suffering in Marriage
Loving Your Spouse With Wisdom?
Love Who You Married
Seven Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage
Teamwork of Marriage
Six Principles of Love
Principled Actions" of Love?
What Does Love Mean To You?
What Do Couples Need From Each Other?
What Does a Wife Want From He Husband?
What Men Need From Their Wives
You're Not Really In Love If...
How A Christian Wife Should Love Her Christian Husband
Is It Love or Is It Lust?

Love the Man You Married 
Love the Woman You Married

Love The Man You Married

Love The Man You Married is the biblical teachings for wives and is the companion book to Love The Woman You Married written for Husbands.  Ebook $8.24 (hardcopy available)

Love The Woman You Married

Love the Woman You Married is the biblical teachings for husbands, and is the companion book to Love the Man You Married. Both books are excellent teaching tools for husband and wife to read together.  Ebook $7.95 (hardcopy available)

Hardcopies available here!  Eligible for FREE Summer Shipping on orders over $19.95

Marriage Preparation

Are You Prepared For Marriage?
How Dating Prepares Couples For No Commitment
How Dating Deceives Christians
The Nuts and Bolt of Marriage
Should Christians Meet People on Dating Websites?


Permanency of Marriage

God Designed Marriage to be Permanent

Pornography Addiction

Is Looking At Pornography The Same As Adultery?
Porn Addiction - What Can a Wife Do?
Porn Addiction - What Can a Man Do?
Pornography Addiction: Playing With Fire


Respect: in Marriage

Why Is Respect So Important For Marriage?


Creative Valentines Day and Dinner For Two
Five Five Ways To Love The Woman You Married
Delusions of Marriage
Forget About The Flowers - Bring on the Chocolates
Romancing Your Marriage
Valentines Day -- Sizzle and Dazzle Your Spouse

Sex: in Marriage

What is God's Purpose for Sex?
Sexually Satisfied Marriage
How an Attitude Can Harm Your Sex Life
Love, Sex and Intimacy in Marriage

Sexual Temptations

Are You Struggling With Sexual Temptations?
Love vs. Lust
Temptation vs. Self-Control
Overcome Sexual Lust
God's Creation: People Are Not Animals B/C We Can Control our Sex Drive  
How to Protect Your Marriage From Lust Temptations

Sin: Healing From

Are You A Slave To Sin?
Influence of Society on the Christian
Keeping Your Marriage Sexually Pure

Trust in Marriage

Five Steps to Trusting Your Spouse
Jealousy vs. Trust
To Trust Again
Rebuilding Trust
Why Jealousy Hurts So Bad

Unbeliever: Married to

Shine Your Light
Married To an Unbeliever Who Wants a Divorce?


Wifely Submission

Wifely Submission: Nuisance or Blessing?
What is Submission?
Facts About Submission In Marriage
How To Submit To The Person You Married
Head of the Woman is Man
What Is The Purpose of Submission?
How to Treat Your Husband Like a Man
Independent Minded Christian Woman?
A Wife's Submission to her Husband
Career Woman or Helpmeet Wife?
Should a Christian Wife Always Submit to Her Husband?



Are We Trusting in God?
Living the Wise Life