What Does A Wife Want From Her Husband?  
by Angie Lewis


Besides the marriage basics of my husband caring, giving, trusting, and respecting me, I also want to know that my husband enjoys spending time with me, even when were not really doing anything together, but just sitting in the same room together. I trust that he wouldn't be uncomfortable telling me his feelings about certain issues in his life because I want to be supportive to him.

I would like to know that my husband is comfortable in expressing to me what's on his mind. I want to be my husband's sounding board when he needs to get matters off his chest. Some things might be left for the guys, and that's ok, but there are also many issues left just for couples that I feel are sacred between a man and wife. It is those personal or touchy issues that only husband and wife share in because they are married. 

If my husband doesn't tell me his feelings, how can I give him what he wants and needs from me? Proper communication between couples is so very important, especially proper communication of feelings.

I want my husband to listen to me. I need that from him. I want to be able to express to my husband my feelings and thoughts on any given issue or subject going on in my life without his opinion on the matter, or without him trying to fix it, or worse yet, fix me.

Often times, I just want someone else to talk to besides the lady friends in my life. This is what brings me balance and closeness in my relationship with my husband. I like it when my husband just sits and listens to me without interrupting with his own thoughts or advice on the subject. This makes me feel connected to my husband instead of being married to myself.

I feel good about myself and marriage when my husband takes the time to hear me out without interjecting or trying to amend every little issue inside of me. I usually know how to fix the problem anyway, I just need to get it out of my system first, so I can focus more of my positive energy on the issue at hand so I can fix it!  A wife needs a supportive husband in this arena.

If I ever do need a solution to an issue, I will ask my husband what he thinks about it, and most of the time, ladies, his solution is reasonable and fitting, which makes me wish I had asked for his advice or opinion earlier.  Men are natural born problem solvers, and that is why they jump on the bandwagon every time they see something needs fixed. I wish they would put just a little bit more effort into their marriage because there would be far less divorce in this country if men would put their problem solving abilities back into their marriages!

Marriage should be an intimate connection that husband and wife share together as a team. Have you ever noticed how some couples seem to know how to make the most out of their marriage? They flatter one another with their personalities and unique abilities, and they make the most of each other's strengths, and even weaknesses.

This is the kind of emotional connection a woman needs and wants with her man. She wants to feel married to her husband, and all he's got to do is listen with a sympathetic ear. In my articles, I often call this a "labor of love" since both husband and wife work together as a team, sharing in the tasks of marriage, which ultimately affects the attitudes of each spouse in a positive way.

In conclusion, what nourishes a woman's soul? Besides the obvious, which is a spiritual connection with God, I believe that a wife wants and needs a close attachment and bond with her husband because it gives her that feeling of sanctity and oneness in marriage, which is very important to her.

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