5 Ways To Take The Trick Out Of Halloween
Copyright 2007 Heaven Ministries


So your children are begging you to take them trick or treating but maybe youíre not sure if you want to go to all that effort again this year. Some of you may even be wondering why you even celebrate Halloween in the first place. I have come up with five sure-fire ways to take the trick out of Halloween, but still get the treat.

Treat 1. Stay Home

Instead of getting in the car driving around from house to house begging for treats, stay home, and hide the candy in little holiday lanterns and hide in the backyard, or if it is cold out, in the house, and have the children search for their treats.

Treat 2. Go to The Mall

Take your little goblins to the mall for their treats. Almost every shop in the mall gives out a treat for the little kiddies, Even the big kiddies can get a treat.

Treat 3. Church

Find out what kind of Halloween celebration your local church is putting together. If your church celebrates Halloween, you can probably bet the festivities will be safe, joyous and wholesome for the whole family to enjoy.

Treat 4.  Give Rather Than Receive

If youíre like a lot of parents these days, and donít want your children to have all that candy, do a turn around and have your children hand out the candy to the kiddies that come knocking on the door.  You can even have them pass out your local church flyers and tracts. Halloween doesnít have to be a dark and scary holiday.

Treat 5. Community

Find out what the community in your area is doing for Halloween. Sometimes there are pumpkin contests, hayrides and corn maize races.