Look and Feel Great At Fifty, Sixty and Seventy Something!
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Can we really reduce the signs of aging? You bet! There are several things we can do to look and feel younger but I believe the way we eat has more credibility for making us look and feel good than anything sold in a bottle or tube today. And what about plastic surgery? Does it really make us look younger and better?

There is some truth to the notion “we are what we eat”. If we eat greasy deep fried foods on a regular basis for dinner and cookies later on in the evening, and do this for several days in a row, we’ll have no energy, puffy eyes, pimples, and blotchy skin. We'll also feel emotionally out of it. But when we eat raw fruits and vegetables and other wholesome raw and cooked foods on a daily basis we’ll have more energy and our skin begins to have a natural glow.  

Frank and I aren't fanatics about health, however, we do like to feel good and we continue to feel good and have more energy when we eat right. There are some folks who swear up and down that eating a total raw foods diet is best, but we don't think going "all raw" is best for our body. Our readers will find out why as we continue to write about all things that lead to a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Now back to feeling and looking good: The most important aspect of having nice clear, glowing complexion is eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily. If you can spend an extra fifteen minutes in the morning to juice some carrots, apples, pears, etc in your juicer each morning, or even every other day, you will notice a skin improvement within weeks. 

HINT: If you add a couple of cloves of garlic in your juicer, you will never get sick. I know, I know, it sounds gross, but it actually tastes good. The garlic flavor is masked by the natural sugars in the fruit. Four carrots, a bunch of organic kale greens, an apple, and two cloves of garlic will give you an eight-ounce glass of great tasting juice. YUM! Be forewarned it will be green! To brighten up the color a bit, add some beet.

That’s all it takes. We all have been blessed with everything we need to stay happy, healthy and wise. And yet, many of us do not take heed to this important part of life that has been freely given to us. You don’t need to be a celebrity to look and feel great. As a matter of fact some of the best things known to man cost a fraction of the cost of those wrinkle creams in a bottle do.

We do need to exfoliate; our skin needs scrubbed lightly and then moisturized daily. If you put anything on your face at all it should be pure Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or Apple cider Vinegar. All three of these natural products will reduce the signs of aging better than a thirty-dollar bottle of wrinkle cream with collagen in it. I use coconut oil on my skin every day and Frank uses olive oil. I know, I know, laugh, its ok...we don't mind. wink, wink.

Why do we spend our hard earned dollars on wrinkle creams? Because we are obsessed with the way we look, and we actually believe that these lotions and creams will make us look younger!  But is younger really what we should be after? How about keeping and feeling fit in our fifties, sixties and even into our seventies and maintaining the “natural look” of who we are?

The fifty something woman and her wrinkles is a picture of beauty. I can always tell when a celebrity had a face-lift or Botox – she does not look natural. She will often have inflated uneven lips, stretched tight masky like skin, and a contorted face, seriously. 

The natural fine lines and crows feet in the woman over fifty, who takes care of herself, is a part of who she is. The way she smiles and laughs and loves life. The natural look of the woman over fifty and sixty actually looks better than someone who spent thousands of dollars on a face-lift.

God made us to show signs of aging, as we grow older. We should try and enjoy life to its fullest while we are walking on this earth in our mortal bodies and be happy and content with the skin we’re in. Someday, we won’t have to worry about aging and wrinkles because we’ll be in the spiritual form, but for now let’s be joyful for the way we look and feel, and take care of ourselves the best we can. You can look and feel great well into your sixties, seventies, and even eighties!

BTW, Ecuador still bans genetically modified foods (GMF) in the human food and so this is great news for those who live in Ecuador! Both Cuenca and Quito have an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables at prices everyone can afford, not just the wealthy, like in the u.s! Live it up in your Ecuador retirement!!