Should A Christian Meet Someone On A Dating Website?
Copyright 2007 Heaven Ministries

How often on those dating websites is someone really matched up to a compatible partner? If you are looking for a marriage partner than why are you going to a dating website in the first place? I think those sites are for people who aren't looking for a long time commitment in the first place. The other aspect of the dating scene I need to ask is if you are a believer than why are you trusting in these matchmaking sites rather than God to find your soul mate? 

The initial euphoria of meeting up with someone new on the Internet may seem like the right thing to do, after all, you are lonely and maybe most of your friends are married, and so why not find a suitable mate online, right? Wrong. Online dating and even offline dating is not the right thing to do for anyone, especially the younger generation. There is still so much to learn and understand about a marriage relationship that rushing into something you may not be ready for is asking for trouble. 

I totally encourage young single men and women to earnestly pray for that special someone to come into their life? Do not put your trust in online dating websites. You might get hurt. Do you think God does not care about your personal relationships? On the contrary, God will answer your prayers in ways that you may not be aware of, at least in most instances. It might be that God would rather you stay single, at this time, so you may apply yourself towards working for him in whatever capacity that He has given you to serve with. Or it could be that God will bless you with your soul mate, but not this month or this year. Wait on God - He knows when you are ready to commit. 

I believe wholeheartedly that God blesses single Christian people, who are ready, with a suitable marriage partner. Whether they realize that person is meant for them or not is another matter. Many single people are so busy trying to control the outcome of meeting up with someone to share themselves with that they do not know that God should be in control of that aspect of their life. Many people believe they have to be in control of meeting up with that special someone, but with God that just is not so. 

First of all, God wants to know that you are ready for the big commitment of marriage. If He thinks you are not ready to share yourself with someone else through the good times and the bad, He is not going to put that special person before you, at least not yet. So then knowing this ask yourself, "Am I ready to be a giver rather than a taker. Do I want to get married because I am lonely, desperate, or anxious? Am I really ready to devote the rest of my life with this person? Am I ready for the responsibilities of marriage?" 

There are many negative issues associated with finding love on the Internet. Dating websites are big hangouts for pedophiles, predators, rapists and serial killers. Do you know whom you are talking to? Ask yourself why you are so eager in the first place to even use these online dating sites. It's scary enough going on a blind date and meeting people in person, but even then you don't know who they are. In some cases you might even marry them only to find out they are insane or deranged. 

I highly encourage you to wait on God for finding the love of your life. If and when God is ready for you to be married, God will bless you with the person of your dreams. God is in control. Trust in God for your needs and He will provide. By waiting on God you will be saving yourself a lot of unneeded problems in the long run.