Does Your Child “Really” Have Attention Deficient Disorder?
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Who do you trust and depend on for your health needs? Let’s take a look at just one issue in the field of health and find out.  Where do you stand concerning you and your child’s health?

Did you know that closed mindedness could be detrimental to your family’s health?

For an example: if a teacher told you that your son had Attention Deficient Disorder would you take their word for it? Would you rush your child to a doctor so he can be put on medications for this syndrome, or do you wonder if maybe all the sugar and processed foods might have something to do with his short attention span and hyperactivity?

Don’t get me wrong, we NEED doctors for certain physical conditions, but we do not NEED to act as if doctors are responsible for our total health. If you think like that, then why not call your doctor and ask him if it is ok every time you want to eat a candy bar or some ice cream? 

Most people don’t realize how easily they can be made to believe a certain way because they have heard the same dogma about Attention Deficient Disorder over and over in the media. Pretty soon they begin to believe like the masses in that this syndrome called ADDS is a disease that cannot be cured and can only be suppressed with medications. This is incorrect information.

What is the correct information? The correct information is not usually what you would watch on the news or read in some magazines. Some of its true but it’s not the whole picture, and a lot of it is media hype. All you really have to do to discover the truth for yourself is to wipe your mind clean of what it has been conditioned into believing in for years and do your own research. 

Step back and take a look into the world and tell me what you see. We see a world overloaded with sugar-laced foods everywhere you turn! Public schools have vending machines with all kinds of junk food to satisfy the taste buds. Kids and adults, alike are addicted to caffeine-laden beverages and other sugary soda pops. And then parents wonder why their children cannot focus on their studies or why they have emotional outbursts, or why they are hyperactive and doing things without thinking. This dilemma is not just the cause of sugar but white flour, processed dairy products, hormones, chemicals, and the deficiency of nutrients in the body.

I certainly will not blame a deficient disorder on just sugar, but sugar has a lot to do with it. This syndrome should be Labeled NDD (Nutrient Deficient Disorder). Or better yet, SOD (Sugar Overload Disorder.)

Most children are deficient in the same minerals and vitamins because they are difficult to obtain from the foods we eat, such as zinc, magnesium, and iron. Did you know that a tablespoon of black strap molasses would supply your child with the daily iron and calcium his or her body needs?  It must be “black strap”. Did you know that soda pops depletes the body of calcium and magnesium?

And then there is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. What’s that? Well it is the same thing we have been talking about except throw in a bit more hyperactivity into the mix. Our bodies just cannot take the constant punishment we put into them. After awhile our body and mind is going to tell us there is something wrong with our way of eating. These are our bodies warning signals telling us to beware of what we are eating on a consistent basis.

I know these things first hand because I have hyperglycemia (low blood sugar). I know when I overload myself with sugary treats, white breads and floury processed foods for just two or three days in a row because I get overly emotional, cranky, headachy, and unable to focus my thoughts properly – I just want to go lay down and sleep. Should I go see a doctor because I am deficient in attention or because I am hyperactive?

No, I’m not going to go see a doctor. I can listen to my bodies warning signals, which tell me there is something wrong so I can change it. I don’t need a doctor to tell me I have a syndrome and then put me on medication – that would be wrong. I think I’d rather take responsibility for my health, and as a parent, I’d rather take responsibility for my children’s health too.

About 85 percent of the population has some form of blood sugar problem and do not know it. Instead they are running to the doctor not knowing what is wrong with them. They are told they are depressed, hypertensive, anxiety ridden, alcoholic, deficient in attention, too hyper, restless in the legs, impotent, insomniac, diabetic, overweight, bi-polar, and mentally insufficient, etc.  “Here Take This Drug.”

Does your child really have Attention Deficient Disorder or could it be the foods he or she is eating on a daily basis? You certainly do not have to take my word for it, do your own research on the effects of sugar on the body using these keywords together: depression and sugar and attention deficient disorder and diet and symptoms of hypoglycemia. 

Become knowledgeable about your health and your children’s health by opening your mind to other possibilities. Take responsibility and be healthy!


Copyright © 2007 Angie Lewis - Heaven Ministries


(NOTE) Since writing this article I have also been reminded that children need at least 8 hours of sleep every night, and teenagers need at least ten hours of sleep because that is when they have the most dramatic growth spurts.  When children do not get adequate amounts of sleep they do become sleep deprived and will exhibit most, if not all of, the symptoms of ADDS.  Add together sleep deprivation to an inadequate diet and I believe one plus one does equal two. Just something to think about.