Are You Living The Marriage You Dreamed You Would?
Copyright 2008 Heaven Ministries


Are you living the marriage you once dreamed about? What would you do differently or what would you change? Do you think it is too late to live the marriage you once dreamed of with the person you are now married to? I don't think it is too late. 

Anyone can almost have anything they want just by having the right kind of attitude. For instance, if you're not now living in a way you always dreamed of in your marriage, whose fault is that? What have you done consciously and subconsciously to sabotage your dreams, ideas, and goals? Have you gotten yourself mixed up in something you shouldn't have and now it is keeping you from loving your spouse properly. 

Is your attitude causing you to look at your marriage in a bad light? We make our marriage what it is by the attitude we have. I know that probably before you were married you dreamed about your knight in shining armor always being the perfect man for you in all instances. And you dreamed of your perfect little Cinderella to always have your world perfect for you. But this kind of thinking is what can get us feeling downhearted about our marriage when trouble comes. 

Cinderella and Prince charming kind of thinking can consume a young persons mind and make marriage seem to be more glamorous than it really it. Not that your marriage can't be glamorous, because if you want glamour you only need to make it. But lets face it, the romantic fairy tales we were brought up believing in is perfection and perfection is not in this world. 

If you want your marriage to be a certain way, then pray about it and ask God if that is what is best for you in your marriage. Sometimes when we try and control the outcome of our marriage or control certain issues with our spouse, and the outcome is not what we expected, we get disappointed. This is precisely why we should pray about it and wait on God. God knows our heart completely and He knows what is best for us in our marriage.

Would it surprise you to find out that no one is living the marriage they always dreamed of? Because that's not reality. What is reality is the fact that you are married and because of that you have a responsibility towards your marriage, and sometimes you won't like some of those responsibilities. Does that mean we shouldn't carry out those responsibilities? No, it means we make marriage important to us so we want to carry out those responsibilities. 

If you have dreams, ideas and goals for a happier marriage, then by all means shoot for the stars, but don't leave God out in left field while you are doing it. He is the Director and you need Him to help with the logistics of those dreams and goals. 

In other words, marriage is not just about you and the person you married but it involves an even bigger Life than you can ever imagine. When we dream out of selfishness, or when we believe our marriage should be some fairy tale existence, we become disappointed and downhearted. Then marriage isn't fun anymore and we begin to look elsewhere for love. Your marriage can become the dream you want when you have Jesus Christ as the Spiritual head of that dream. Goals and ideas are wonderful to have when we include our Savior in those goals and dreams - without Him we can do absolutely nothing. 

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit, for without me ye can do nothing. (John 15:5 KJV)