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Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the Savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. 
(Ephesians 5:22-24)

How Should a Wife Love Her Husband?

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Healing and Well Being
1. Cleanse The Heart, Mind, and Soul
2. Are You A Caterpillar or Butterfly?
3. Love The Person You Are
4. Change of Attitude, Change of Heart

Healing Ebook - Living To Your Full Potential

Godly FoundatiHealing Ebook - Living To Your Full Potential

Godly Foundation
1. Making Your Marriage Work!
2. Marriage Does Not Come Fixed
3. A Divine Marriage
4. How to Be Happy In Your Marriage

Ebook - How To Be Free and Achieve True Marital Happiness

What Is Submission?
1. King of the Castle
2. What Is The Purpose of Submission?
The Independent Christian Woman
4. How To Submit To Your Man
5. What is Help meet Wife

Understanding Submission
1. Head of the Woman is Man
2. Submission: Christian Advice
3. A Wife's Submission To Her Husband
4. Being Submissive and Helping Your Husband to Lead

Are You a Feminist Wife?

1. Career Woman or Help-Meet Wife?
2. Career Wives Are More Independent minded With Husband

Understanding Forgiveness

1. Forgive Your Husband
Have You Forgiven?
I Can't Forgive My Husband
4. To Forgive or Not?

E-book-Forgiveness in Marriage
E-book - How to Forgive an Unfaithful Spouse

Understanding Principled 
Acts of Love

1. What Love Means
2. The Rock of Love For Marriage
3. Healing Begins With Our Attitude
4. Loving Your Husband With Wisdom

Praying For Your Husband

1. The Man Who Wouldn't Lead
2. Married to an Unbeliever
3. My Spouse Wants a Divorce
4. What is Important for My Marriage?

Bonus Article - How Should We Pray?

Productive Communication and Expression

1. Being Emotionally There
2. A Good Communicator Listens!
3. A Good Communicator/Good Listener

Sex and Intimacy

1. Can a Bad Attitude Hamper Sex?
2. The Intimately Satisfied Marriage
3. The Sexually Satisfied Marriage

Stuff For Couples Do To Together
1. Pocket Those Negative Feelings
2. Spiritual Growth With Your Husband
3.  Six Weeks of Pleasure...

Healing After Adultery
1. Adultery Is Forgivable
2. How To Stay Faithful
3. 5 Ways To Trust Your Spouse Again
4. 5 Reasons Why Affairs Don't Work
5.  The Unfaithful Wife Seeking Forgiveness

What is submission? Voluntarily giving up selfishness and rebelliousness and becoming all of what you can be so you will be independent enough to let go and submit to your husband. It's really that simple. It is so ironic, but it is those women who submit to their husbands freely and lovingly that are the most independent minded! Why is that? Because these married women are not dependent upon things or people to make them feel good about who they are!

Married women who get up every morning to go to work aren’t independent—they are working for someone else! They are giving their talents and abilities to another institution instead of to their own marriage and family—to me that is dependence!

I hope I am not offending anyone; it is not my aim to offend anyone, but to merely offer biblical advice and encouragement. I’m only trying to express a controversial subject that has been very distorted in society in the best way that I know how—from personal experience and God’s Word!

Some Christian women are confused about what true independence is. Real independence for the Christian, married or not, is dependence on God. For the Christian, needs and wants are not on superficial objects, relationships, money, power, greed, or pride, etc; but on serving the Lord and gaining more knowledge and wisdom to be the woman/wife/mother that God wants you to be; then you can serve your family, others, and ministry in Faith and Truth.

When you have the knowledge and wisdom to realize your blessings, and to see them ripen, and to know how blessed you are to be living as a Child (daughter) of God rather than living for the world, then you will understand what true independence is. And you will understand the whole subject of headship and submission with a totally different perspective. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. (Psalms 111:10)

Six little words sum it up! Put God First in your Life!

Many couples think they have fallen out of love with their spouse. This causes insincerity and dissimulation in their behaviors, such as adultery and lust addictions because when they believe something to be true in their mind their actions soon follow their thinking. The fact is they have not fallen out of love with their spouse, they were never in love to begin with! Love is not that superficial. Love is not something that is or it isn't and that's because love is a choice and love is an action. You make love happen by what you do! Find out more about "how to love your husband" here

Disrespect in Marriage

Disrespect between couples is more prevalent than you would think. It is easy to allow the culture of society to define the role of women in marriage but when a wife believes that marriage is made for her happiness and that a man should cater to that happiness, she will undoubtedly get disappointed and that disappointment causes and it causes disrespect and contempt for the man she married. 

Marriage is designed, established and controlled by God. We are only Gods children that are in His institution of the one-flesh of marriage. To believe that our spouse should MAKE us happy is putting too much responsibility on a mere human. No human being can actually make another (totally) happy...HAPPINESS comes from WITHIN our being and we make our happiness through our beliefs and way of living, and we should not expect happiness from others. 

Sadly, couples are not applying the design that God built especially for marriage, but rather the growing and evolving design of society. What needs to be done here is to stop looking out into the world for the answers your marriage needs and start looking to God - He lovingly provides couples with everything they need to have an abundant and fruitful marriage. Go back and read through the articles on Godly Foundation again. 

Submission in Your Marriage

This is an issue that needs careful consideration between husband and the wife together. It is not something that a wife can do without first the husband adhering to his position in the marriage in the proper manner. The husband first manages his headship position through the principles of God and then his wife can submit to that headship. But if there is no headship to begin with, she will have a difficult time submitting. What can you do? The first thing is to understand what role and position each has in the marriage and then work off that foundation. The wife can learn more about what her role and position is in the marriage by reading through some of the articles I have prepared on submission, answering the questions and using them as a guide for her own marriage. 

Forgiveness for Your Marriage

Forgiving others who have hurt us is a difficult thing to do, but if we want our marriage back on track, forgiveness is paramount to its restoration. It's all about the resentment we hold inside and our unwillingness to forgive. If we set back and take a hard long look at "why" we are unable to forgive, we'll see that our unforgiveness is hurting ourselves just as much as the person who hurt us. So it goes without saying, that for our own inner healing to take place we have to forgive! It's really that simple. We can either stay all bottled up in our frustrations or we can forgive - its up to you! Read the forgiveness ebooks - study the biblical references - it is God's will for our lives that we forgive, even if we don't want to. 

Fear has a way of making us behave in ways that is not conducive to  marriage or any relationship for that matter. But did you know that fear is of the devil. It's true! Now, whenever I feel the need to control my husband, change my husband, or become bossy and treat him like one of the kids, I stop and realize that I am merely acting on my own fears and insecurities. 

Emotions in Marriage 

Emotions and feelings are ok to have, don't get me wrong, but when we use are feelings to abuse, manipulate, or otherwise to get our way with, we are allowing those emotions to control our life and marriage in a negative way. This is why the great principle of love that Jesus taught us is the way to go when it comes to handling our marital issues and disagreements. I have found, that even when you don't want to, but you do the right thing anyway, we feel better about it in the end. And I think that is how God blesses us and our marriage. He blesses us with His comfort and gives us peace of mind. We can love our husbands with wisdom and feel good about our decisions because those decisions actually come from the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ within us - it is our conscience telling us to do what is right. 

Praying in our Marriage

Why is it that we pray only when WE WANT OR NEED something? Maybe you don't do that, but many times I find myself doing that. We should pray for others because God already knows what we need. Yes, He knows what others need too, but God wants us to care about other people's lives too, especially the person we married. Why should we pray for our spouse? Because they need prayer, they need God's love, and they need your love, just as much as you need prayer and God's love. This is what's important for your marriage. 

Principled Love vs. Feelings of Love

Bring God’s principles into your marriage and learn how to love according to principled acts of love rather than the need to “feel” good with every situation. In other words, LOVE because you are committed to the relationship no matter what, but don’t love because you are needing to be loved back for a feeling. Don’t let marital difficulties hinder how you will love. What does love mean?

Faith for our Marriage 

Without faith we could not heal ourselves or restore marriage and that's because we need to have complete faith and trust in God to LET HIM GUIDE US in the right direction for our marriage! For instance, my faith in God tells me to stay away from temptation and to do what is right for my marriage. But if I had faith in myself I would believe that I could actually be around tempting situations and people and remain free from its grip. But that's not true at all. My faith in God guides my life and what I do with it - it has nothing to do with what I can or cannot do. Without faith in God and believing that His way is the right way, I would start to disrespect my husband and lead my life further away from God. We need God guiding us! And that is the truth!

Love The Man You Married 

Buy Are you or have you ever gone through any of these issues in marriage? 

  • Not sure of what your role and position in the marriage should be?

  • Having a difficult time forgiving your husband of adultery? 

  • You think submission means you're inferior to your husband

  • Seems like you're the only one trying

  • Don't communicate

  • Need to control or change your husband

  • Lost romance and intimacy in your marriage

  • Have a bad attitude about your marriage.

  • Think you're not in love anymore? 

    Those questions and more are addressed in detail in Love The Man You Married book
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Love the Man You Married' is an impressive piece of work. It touches on issues such as 'How to be Happy in Your Marriage', 'Healing Marriage after Adultery', and 'Communicating Effectively with Your Husband'. Angie uses Bible scriptures to try to examine issues and she even shows how she has helped people mend their broken marriages. This is the Ultimate guide for any Christian family. I highly recommend this book. It is much needed in today's society and it is a worthwhile investment that will change your outlook on life and marriage. -- N. Brek


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Husband’s Priority List

God – Jesus Christ (Accountability, Purpose)

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Children (Responsibility)

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Self (career, job, hobbies)

Wife’s Priority List

God – Jesus Christ (Accountability, Purpose)

Husband (Accountability, Responsibility)

Children (Responsibility)

Ministry (Helping others)

Self (career, job, hobbies)