5 Natural Remedies for 5 Common Ailments You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Copyright©2005 Angie Lewis

Below are just a few of the natural remedies I have tried on my husband, three sons, friends, family and myself. They really work! Open your mind to trying the herbs and spices that God has given us in their natural form. These healing remedies cannot hurt you because they are not processed into chemicals but are natural and absolutely safe to use. 


Next time your child has an earache blend up three tablespoons olive oil with one clove of garlic in your blender until smooth. Have your child lie down with the hurt ear face up. With a cue tip or a bulb syringe put two or three drops into the ear, letting it drip down into the canal.  Have a wet washcloth handy incase any of it drips down onto your child’s neck.

Make sure your child stays lying down while the oil and garlic mixture drains down into the ear canal completely, about a half hour or so. After about five or ten minutes your child will tell you that it tickles inside their ear that means it is working. Do this remedy three times a day or when your child complains of pain.  The oil cleans out the earwax and the garlic heals the infection.

No more earache, no more doctors! You can now cure the common earache your self! Amazing, isn’t it?


Have a toothache?  This solution is only temporary to ease the excruciating pain of a toothache. I know how painful a toothache can be and I ran across this old kitchen remedy years ago when it was too late to rush to the dentist.

Blend up about two tablespoons whole cloves in the blender until blended into powder form. Mix this with 1-tablespoon olive oil to make a paste. With your finger, dab directly on the infective tooth and gum area, wait 5 minutes. You will be so relieved you tried this natural remedy. Absolutely unbelievable that it really works! The properties in the clove actually numb your gums! 


This remedy only works if you do it BEFORE you start to feel sick. If there is a stomach virus going around the school or in your home and you’re thinking that you might be next to get this awful virus, eat a bunch of raw garlic. Yeah, that’s right. Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them to do this but I know it works. I do it myself every time I know there is a stomach virus going around.

Eat two good sized or three small cloves of garlic every four hours and you will not get the stomach virus. This will only work by eating the real garlic. Taking the pill form will not work!  You might smell like garlic for while but this all natural and safe remedy will also ward off any vampires coming to your home. Your spouse might not kiss you for the day either. But it sure beats getting terribly ill to your stomach for 24 or 48 hours! Garlic to your health!


This method is an absolute miracle cure! You will love its properties. Do you have acid in your stomach after eating? Throw away the Tums and Rolaids because they just make your acid worse in the long run. Try this. Mix 1-tablespoon powdered ginger with warm water in an 8 ounce coffee cup. Sip it down slowly. You will see that this remedy works instantly.

I call this the ginger tea remedy for acid reflux. Ginger is a safe and natural spice that can’t harm your system like those other antacids can. You will be astonished that this really works! You can also buy the whole ginger root and blend the root into a powder to get the same results. You will be flabbergasted that ginger can get rid of your acid.  It’s safe, cheap and miraculous!


Senna Leaf Herbal Tea is so much better for you than those other over the counter medications. Senna leaf is an all-natural herb and it taste good too.  I was absolutely amazed when this worked so well. Brew it like any other tea by steeping in hot water for 5 minutes. You can add honey or lemon to the tea if you like. 

There are several different brands you can buy that have Senna Leaf Herb in it. I have always used “Smooth Move” available from Wal-Mart or even your local grocery store. No matter what brand you decide to use, read the ingredients and make sure that Senna Leaf is the active ingredient.  You will be relieved that you decided to try a more natural approach.

Good luck and great health!