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What's Inside "How Do I Detach From an Alcoholic Spouse?"


Part I

How Do I Detach From an Alcoholic Spouse

*Stop Trying to Fix the Alcoholic
*Detach With Love; Never in Anger
*What to do When The Alcoholic Gets Abusive
*Don’t Let the Alcoholic Manipulate You!
*Setting Personal Boundaries to Define Your Space
*Encourage the Alcoholic When They Aren’t Drinking
*Stop Rescuing the Alcoholic and Rescue YOU Instead
*Don’t Allow Yourself To Become A Victim
*Why Can’t We Just Settle For God?
*Don’t be Controlled by the Alcoholic
*Ask God to Rid you of Resentment and Anger
*Put Your Faith, Hope and Trust in God


Part II

How Do I Help my Alcoholic Spouse Get Sober

*10 Obvious Ways We Enable or Rescue
*10 Subtle Ways we Enable or Rescue
*Don’t Fuss and Argue with the Alcoholic
*Back off from the Alcoholic and Rescue YOU
*Stay on Top of the Addiction
*Do’s and Don’t for Enablers and Rescuers
*Let the Alcoholic Take Responsibility
*7 Ways a Loved One Rescues
*7 Ways a Loved One Enables
*Help for the Typical Enabler
*Stop Putting Band-Aids on the Alcoholics Wounds
*Emotionally Detach from the Alcoholic 
*Don’t Drown with the Alcoholic
*Stop Believing You Can Get Them Sober  


Part III

How to Cope when Married to and Living with an Alcoholic? 

*Marriage Belongs to God
*Is Your Marriage Set Apart From the World?
*Loved Ones of Alcoholics Still Have Responsibilities
*Understanding God’s Perception on Addiction
*Healing From Years of Emotional and Mental Abuse
*Commitment Means Working on our Personal Problems
*Caught in a Spider’s Trap
*What Is God’s Will For Your Marriage?
*Facts About Marriage 
Are There *Exceptions to the Marriage Law?
*Only Death Ends Marriage, according to God


Part IV

 (Bonus Ebook for the Alcoholic)
How Do I Get Sober, Stay Sober and Be Happy?

*How Alcoholism Controls Your Life
*Alcoholic is NOT who you are
*Poor Diet Keeps the Alcoholic Craving Alcohol
*5 Triggers That Spark Addiction
*When a Non-alcoholic Takes a Drink This is What Happens
*When an Alcoholic takes a Drink this is What Happens
*Conquering the Emotional Aspects of Alcoholism
*Healing Takes the Work of God *What Happens If I Relapse?
*What Hurdles Trigger a Relapse? *Still Living in the Past
*Not Committed to Quitting
*Birds of a Feather Flock Together
*Give Your Addiction to God

How Do I Detach From an 
Alcoholic Spouse? 
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We are pleased to offer our  updated and expanded version of "How Do I Detach From an Alcoholic
Spouse" for only

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Have You Seen Dr. Jekyl Drink Himself Into Mr. Hyde?
If You Live With An Alcoholic, You Have

- Are you living with a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde? 

- Do you wake up in the morning and wish you didn't have to start the day with an abusive alcoholic? 

- Are you riding on an addictive roller coaster ride with the alcoholic you married? 

- Do you often feel afraid and depressed because you don't know how the alcoholic is going to behave?    
   Well, it's time to break free!  

- Do you often feel like you are drowning with the alcoholic?

- Do you often feel sad, panicky, depressed, stressed out, helpless, and emotionally and spiritually sick? Don’t go under with the alcoholic. We're going to show you how to swim quickly back to the shore!

- It's time to get off the roller coaster ride and rescue yourself from the behaviors of the alcoholic you live with and love. This eBook is in four parts. please view on the left each part included in this Ebook to see that we have left nothing out. 

This Book is an essential read if you are married to an alcoholic! Don't be left behind. If you are married to an alcoholic, you MUST detach so you can get your life back!

We have included in How to Detach From an Alcoholic Spouse helpful tips on helping the alcoholic to sobriety and more ways to cope when married to and living with an alcoholic, plus, how to set boundaries that give you back your life.

Did you know these facts about alcoholism?

1) When the enabler stops enabling, the alcoholic has a better chance at sobriety?
2) When the enabler/rescuer learns to detach with love, they will find peace within?
3) Drinking is s symptom of an underlying emotional issue within the alcoholic?
4) Blood sugar health issues is what triggers the physical addiction to alcohol?
5) There are four main aspects of alcoholism that need to be addressed for total sobriety?
6) The alcoholic has a better chance at sobriety by "how you react" to them
7) We offer the support you need by showing you step by step what you can do to tackle these issues. 

We have been there already and this is why we can help you, today!

Discover The Secrets of Emotional Detachment

This eBook offers everything there is to learn about detaching from the alcoholic and still love them at the same time! We hope that you make good use of our healing from addiction materials that we have carefully put together by putting the strategies and guidance to work in your personal life and marriage. It is very possible to learn to live with and love the alcoholic in your life, without "it" making YOU go crazy. Don't let addiction steal another minute of your day! We offer the solutions you need to get your life back and be happy while living with the alcoholic. 

You Don't Have To Feel Helpless and Frustrated

Say good bye to helplessness and frustration and say hello to "I've got my life back"! Learn the proper ways to react to the alcoholic. Learn when to react to the alcoholic. Learn why your reactions can keep the alcoholic stuck within the addiction. Learn how YOU can be a valuable help to the alcoholic. 

Don't be the Victim Any Longer

Addiction is so cunning that the alcoholic can manipulate their way into your emotions in such a way to make you believe you are the victim instead of them!  Cut the rope! Tough love is all about cutting the rope between you and the alcoholic. Married couples are and always will be attached because God created them as “one flesh” in marriage, but you don’t have to be attached to the symptoms of alcoholism. You must help your self first before you can help the alcoholic. 

We  hope that you make good use of our healing materials that we have carefully put together by putting the strategies and guidance to work in your personal life and marriage. It is very possible to learn to live with and love the alcoholic in your life, without "it" making YOU go crazy. Don't let addiction steal another minute of your day!

Is Divorce the Answer When Married to an Alcoholic?
How Will I Cope?

Is divorce the answer to ending the frustration and suffering of living with an alcoholic spouse? When we are going through suffering in our marriage, divorce almost always seems like the light at the end of the tunnel, but it isn't always as bright as we think. It is God's will that we take the good times of our marriage along with the bad. Together couples can conquer addiction by working on self-healing and being supportive of each other. This ebook expresses God's will for couples in marriage who are going through the sufferings and pains of addiction. We know its never easy, but putting the solutions we advise in our ebook will make living with, and loving an alcoholic, easier for the whole family. We know because we've been there. In very few instances will you have to leave the alcoholic. 

Alcoholism is a Family Affair But You Can Overcome!!

Jumping the hurdle of being married to an alcoholic may seem very difficult to do, because it is, but overcoming through your own personal growth will make you stronger and wiser person because of your willingness to conquer adversity in your personal life and marriage. You can overcome! We've done it and many other spouses of alcoholics have done it too. 

Don't let addiction steal another minute of your day! Start Taking Care of You Now!   

Testimonies From those who have purchased our eBooks or books on alcoholism
(What others have to say about our books and other reading materials on the website)

I LOVE YOUR column and I have your book.   I thought I was detaching but after reading today I realize I have a long ways to go... 


Hi Angie n Frank, this book is really helpful for me. now it is easy for me to understand my husband and his alcohol problem. i will try my best to be calm n patient while his drinking n give him all my love n support.......................you guys are doing great job. keep it up. God bless you. thanx. regards. R. 


Hi, I downloaded your ebook How to Detach... Info has been very helpful! Thanks for your time & thanks for all the info! T. 


Hi, this isn't so much a request for marriage guidance, but a thank you for this website (Heaven Ministries).  It has answered questions that have remained unanswered for me for a long time and very few people actually understand that I'm not mad to stay with my husband who's an alcoholic binge drinker.  I am a Christian and love my husband.  We need more articles of this type, as opposed to 'get rid' and move on advice.  Anyway, thanks again you have really encouraged me and given me hope.


Angie Lewis's book gives insight into the mind of an alcoholic and the chaos that ensues. I truly believe that most humans are touched by either alcohol or an alcoholic at some point in our lives. This book is a great resource and I encourage those who have authority to place this book where many can draw from the experience, wisdom, and ministry that Angie and her husband offer. (Review of Angie's book, The Alcoholism Trap)


Hi Angie. I read all of the articles on your website on addiction in marriage.  I came across it via google and it gave me hope, as in my heart I know I didn't marry the wrong person, even though people on the outside would try and say different.  Too many people give advice to 'jump ship', but I know divorce has it's own inherent problems.  I have learnt so many strategies for living life in peace, no matter what the circumstances.  It means a lot to me to have you and your husband praying for my husband and marriage.  I look forward to reading more on your website and going back to the material when I need a little encouragement! Thanks again!


Yesterday morning, I remembered I had purchased your book “The Alcoholism Trap”.  We sat down and read it aloud to each other.  Both of us found so much comfort in your words and the bible verses.  You are right…only God can delivery Jim. Thank you so much for the strength in your words! I know the battle is not won and there is a long road and lifetime commitment involved.  But God is here!  And your book helped us to realize that.  Thank you, Angela!  And God bless you and your ministry! G.M

I want to thank you Angie for your transparency and for your article “Overcoming Addiction”. 1st I am addict. Until Friday I was drug free for a year. Much of what you wrote was very true for me in my life. Last night I prayed and sought Gods will about this, but I had so many thoughts flooding my head I couldn’t think and went to bed.. Today I awoke and began reading your page after some googling. Your brief testimony and direction in addictions have led a few things.
1."For God did not give us a Spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7
2.All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness." 2 Timothy 3:15-16  


Angie, I contacted you a couple years ago regarding my soon-to-be husband who had a drinking problem.  A lot has happened since then…we did get married and for awhile he seemed to do better… for awhile.  Jim even struck out on his own and bought out a business and has been seeing success!  But things started spiraling downhill awhile ago to the point where I was questioning my faith and God’s “unwillingness” to help.  Jim was changing and so was I.  Neither of us for the better.  Last week, I finally admitted to myself that my husband was an alcoholic (previously, I would admit he had a problem…but never admitted to anyone but myself that he was an alcoholic) and that it was time that I took responsibility for my actions as his enabler.  

I journaled my thoughts and prayed again for the strength to step back from his addiction and be given the wisdom to know the difference between enabling and being a supportive wife.  Sunday night, two days after my own admission, I got a call at work from my husband asking for help.  He had hit his personal rock bottom.  I was glad that with all we’d been through that he still knew he could count on me when the time came.  I picked Jim up and in tears he told me that he was an alcoholic and he needed help with his recovery.  Yesterday morning, I remembered I had purchased your book “The Alcoholism Trap”.  We sat down and read it aloud to each other.  Both of us found so much comfort in your words and the bible verses.  You are right…only God can delivery Jim.  And I believe that God has been trying to tell him for some time that he needed to make the change.  But it took Him to grab Jim by the scruff of the neck on Sunday and say “Son!  Enough!” for Jim to not only hear but to listen to his Father.  Thank you so much for the strength in your words!