4 Ways to Guarantee Your Husband Won’t Cheat on You?
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Before we get started with this article, let me get something out in the open. We can’t change our husbands and we certainly cannot control his morals and convictions, but we can influence our husbands by using a little bit of common sense and Godly wisdom. So with that said, try these three ways to maybe guarantee your husband never cheats on you.

1) Stay Connected Emotionally and Spiritually With Your Husband

Marriage is a relationship that involves two people in such a way that whatever you do, good or bad affects the other.  If a wife makes her career, friends, money, hobbies, clothes and other stuff more important than her husband she is disconnecting herself from him emotionally and spiritually. A husband wants to be the most important part of his wife’s life. Don’t separate your life from his.

Emotional adultery starts in the heart and when a husband feels emotionally distant from his wife it is much easier for him to see greener grass on the other side of the fence.  It’s no excuse for adultery and it certainly does not make it right, but reality dictates it will most likely happen in marriages where there is no “togetherness”.

Now a days, married couples unknowingly separate themselves from one another by not having their priorities in balance. In many homes friends, hobbies and careers come first and husband and wife never spend any quality, intimate time together. If you never do intimate and fun things together, you will lose the glue that holds the marriage together.

2) Let Your Husband Be the Man in the Marriage

Many wives don’t realize they are doing it, but they often reprimand, belittle and boss their husbands around like he is one of the children. Are you his mother or his wife? He wants to feel close and intimate with his feminine wife, not his mother, or worse, a dictator. Make your man feel good about his role as “man of the house” and “man of the marriage”, because he is the man and you are the woman. Mixed up roles and feministic attitudes cause confusion, which creates crumbling of the “one flesh” of marriage.

Wives need to stop micromanaging their husbands and let them direct the show for a change. Do you realize that it is wives that need to change? That’s because women walk into marriage with rose-colored glasses on. They think marriage was created just for them and their happiness! When wives nag, complain, control or try to change their husbands they are essentially saying they are not good enough. What a way to make your man impotent with his wife! If you want a virile man that only has eyes for you, then treat your man like a man! Stop treating him like a little boy!

3) Keep Yourself Healthy and Fit

The worse thing a woman can do when married is let herself go. I don’t care if you are 20, 40 or 65 years old, a woman can still make herself beautiful. Beauty is relative, meaning, so what if you are getting older, use it to your advantage to make yourself fit and good-looking no matter what your age. Many women, after they get married or reach a certain age stop taking care of their health and weight and allow themselves to become frumpy and unhealthy.

I know of beautiful women, who are nice and slim, who are between the ages of 50 and 70 and they look great! They walk every day, eat right and take care of themselves. And so can you! There is nothing wrong with getting older, what makes it wrong is not taking care of your appearance and health.  Being healthy should be a priority in your life.  We absolutely need to care about our health because frankly folks, if we don’t have our health, nothing else matters in life because we won’t enjoy it.  

Get healthy and be together!! 

4) Don't Withhold Sex

Often times wives behave as if sex is a burden or something. How demeaning is that? The reason why it feels like a burden is because you are not enjoying yourself, which is your own fault. Communication is a must in the bedroom if you want to have a pleasurable sex life. For a healthy man, he needs sex once a day. Other men maybe twice a week, and others still, depending on how old they are a couple of times a month. Ladies, if your man has needs you should be providing those needs, so your husband will not want to stray from the marriage. Now, I'm not saying that will happen just because you deny them sex but it makes temptation more prevalent. 

Seriously ladies, we are managers of our marriage by being the loving wife to our husband. HELPMEET does not mean HELPNOT. The minute we begin withholding ourselves from our man in any way is when he begins to look elsewhere for emotional, physical, mental, and sexual companionship. Take care of your man, and he will take care of you!!!


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