Proper Care and Feeding of Yourself
By Angie Lewis


Are you properly caring for and feeding yourself?  Who are you on the inside and outside? Can you honestly say that you are a child of God? If you can, then a child of God would be in a broad sense who you are? If you are a child of God are you making it your purpose to live your life under the fundamentals of God's philosophy? What is your purpose for you, your family, your marriage, and your life? Once you figure out "who you are" then you will know the proper food to feed yourself with.

How is your relationship with others? How would you rate your marriage on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the best?  Are you feeding everyone else first and then only getting the leftovers? If so then you are not properly caring for yourself or others. You have to eat first and then give everyone else your leftovers, which consequently multiply into abundance and even taste better.

It is absolutely imperative we learn to love our selves so we can become unselfish with others, and that takes place when we understand the spiritual self within us, or rather, recognize the spiritual aspects of who we are. Are you spiritually alert to the presence of the Holy Spirit within you, or are you spiritually deficient? For an example, if you were calcium deficient you would take calcium supplements for your bones and teeth, right? Well what would you do if your mind were spiritual deficient? You would supplement with God's word, right? Or would you seek enlightenment from somewhere else?

There is a big difference between just taking supplements to meet a requirement or to accept the supplements as part of your life. In other words, you must accept the fact that if you are calcium deficient that you need calcium for stronger bones; likewise you must accept God's undeniable truths for your happiness and purpose in life.  Would this be enough to properly care and feed yourself? Let's take a closer look.

It matters a lot where you get your calcium supplements, because most calcium is cooked, refined and processed into little pills they call vitamins that will absolutely NOT make your bones stronger.  You need to figure out where the "real" calcium is and take it, or you won't be properly caring for your self.  Where are the "real" calcium supplements that our bones need for proper nourishment? How about Coral Calcium? Coral Calcium is in its natural state, and hasn't been tampered with like many calcium vitamins.  

On the same level, where are you hearing the accepted truths for your life? Who are you hearing them from?  What are we "doing with" what you hear? What makes up your belief system? What do you believe in?

In my book, "Journey on the Roads Less Traveled" I talk extensively about what holds us back from loving our selves and loving others properly.  I talk about how my addiction held me back from loving my husband properly, which consequently was because I was not properly caring for myself.  What we really need and want is to grow into the loving person we are so we won't need to sponge off of others for happiness. The clinging, sponging, and dependency we have on others to complete the person we are is not getting our wants and needs met properly. We remain unsatisfied, neglected, rejected and unloved.

This is what happens in marriage. We want and expect so much from our spouse that that we become demanding, needy, and selfish with them. But this is not what marriage needs. This is why I believe that it is imperative that we FIRST, fix ourselves and then we can actually begin to heal marriage.  95% of divorce today could be completely eliminated if only couples learned to grow out from self and into the loving nature of Christ.

To be content with self is loving who we are. And this sounds very vague, I know, but loving self is giving our self the proper food. The problem is we think that loving our self is controlling others, changing others, behaving selfish or rebelliously, people pleasing, or being fanatically religious and self righteous, etc. Do you see how we might be working overtime to achieve happiness in life?

Nonetheless, this is where many of us are at in our life.  We are working overtime trying to achieve something that is already within our consciousness; we only need to be more aware to it. Are you caring and feeding yourself properly?

The bottom line is it matters a great deal "what kind" of calcium supplements you are putting into your body. And it matters a great deal "what kind" of thinking you believe in.  If you want strong bones you need to take real calcium and do the right things for your body.  If you want to love others properly and be happy you need to first take care of who you are.  It matters a great deal what you hear and take in on a daily basis for spiritual health, it really does!

Nourish your mind, body and soul by proper care and feeding and you will love yourself so you can love others properly. You are a child of God on the inside and the outside. There is your starting point. Show others what you are really made of through the proper care and feeding of yourself!


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