Romancing Your Marriage

By Angie Lewis


Sensuality and passion between couples becomes heightened when they share in fun and enjoyable things together. Weíre always learning, growing and noticing new things about the person we married. They change and they grow and as we share stimulating and interesting times with our spouse so does our perception of them change in a way we didnít think possible. And this is why we shouldnít let our marriage become dreary and mundane but always seek out fun and challenging things to share together.  

1. Try to remember what you liked about your spouse from when you were first married. What did you do to woo your husband/wife? Do it again! Sometimes, especially if we have been married for a while we tend to take each other for granted and forget about how much we love the person we married.

Itís true, we do change as we experience life and as we get older but were not different people. Hopefully we are smarter, more experienced, happier, and more fun loving as we age. Did you know that couples who grow spiritually and mentally together instead of apart have better marriages? Itís true!

2. Don't feel intimidated to try something different from your usual routine. Couples can literally get so caught up in their daily routines that they miss out on the special opportunities to add a little pack of spunk into their marriage. This is also true in the lovemaking department. Try different techniques and different positions. There is no need to be shy with your spouse, more than likely, they too would like to try something different out of the ordinary.

Try your expertise at bowling, roller-skating, or ice-skating, see a movie, or walk in the mall. Anything! Sharing time together doing things you normally wouldnít do brings excitement and fun back into a mundane relationship while bringing you closer together.

If you like a challenge, or youíre a thrill seeker, try skydiving, bungie jumping or for the more conscience at heart and a bit safer, how about a roller coaster ride. But by all means do these thrilling things together.  

3. Take the weekend off and go somewhere romantic. Snow anyone? You don't necessarily need to know how to ski to enjoy the amenities and beauty of a ski lodge. Lounge in the Jacuzzi, go sledding, take long walks outdoors, or sit by the fire talking about anything and everything. But leave work and home life out of the conversation.

Take a trip to a lake in your area and stay overnight in a cabin. Go fishing, swimming, hiking, backpacking with your husband and eat by the campfire. Sleep in a tent and roast marshmallows.

4. Take a three-day spiritual/meditation retreat together. This will do wonders for the body, mind and soul. It will give you the relaxation you need to refresh your whole outlook on life and rejuvenate your marriage too.

5. Write down all the things you love about your husband/wife and share your thoughts with each other.  Sometimes we forget to tell our spouse how much we love them or why we love them, but we all need to hear those words once in awhile. Itís that bit of reassurance that brings music to our ears as it reminds us how blessed we really are to have married the person we did. Letís not forget about all those little things we love about our husband/wife. Letís tell them today!

6. Make up your own coupon booklet on the computer and give it to your husband/wife. In the coupon booklet for an example a coupon might read, "This coupon good for a 1/2 hour back rub."  The next coupon might read, "Coupon good for 20 minute foot massage." The next coupon might say, ďGood for one night out at your favorite restaurant.  Coupon booklets are great because we can customize them to our needs and wants too. Happy Romancing! 


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