Tips For Loving Your Husband
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by Angie Lewis


This article is by no means exhaustive. There are many wonderful principled ways to show your husband that you love him. This article is only describing some tips to get you started.

It is my firm belief that it is easier to make a man happy than for a man to make a woman happy. I believe this because men really donít ask for much. If they can camp out on the hard ground with the ants and other bugs, how hard can they be to please? 

Yes, I know this sounds superficial but think about this for a moment. Have you noticed how much happier, and less stressed out your man is when he has his two most important needs met, sex and food? Women like intimacy and communication, men like sex and food. Although, men do need a lot more than just sex and good food, these two areas are a must.   

What else does your man like? 

Yes, your man also needs to be respected for his position. Please your man! Don't fight with his Godly right to be the man of the house, give him that reign because heaven knows, he is the king of the castle. So what does that make you. The queen! Don't fight with your King, work with him instead. Work together as a team of royalty, not as one better than the other. It takes a kindhearted and loving queen to make a compassionate husband.  It is in your hands.

It is also semi-true that the way to a manís heart is through his stomach. Men love to eat and they love to eat good tasty meals. When their stomachs are full, and they have been taken care of physically, a man doesnít ask for much else.

Donít forget, the home is a manís castle.  Knowing this, make every effort to keep his castle tidy and free of stressful situations that could upset his equilibrium. He has worked all day long and wants to come home to a loving and sweet wife, not a grouch and a TV dinner

Be appreciative of every little thing your man does around the house. Make your man feel like a man by behaving like a woman. Give him a hug and a kiss and talk about your day together. Get interested in him. 

Donít reject your husband sexually. Make him feel good about himself by telling him that he is good.  Respect him for who he is and what he does! Basically, a woman needs validated and intimacy, and a man needs sex, respect and good food. Find ways in which you can give of your self in the marriage by being more loving in these areas.

And men, after you have shown your wife how much you love her, then you can buy her the chocolates and flowers. 

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