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Save Marriage From Divorce

Marriage & Health Healing Ministry

I Don't Want a Divorce! Help!

Top 5 Reasons for Divorce and What You Can
Do to Prevent It!

1. Unfaithfulness - Physical & Emotional (PDF) 
2. Alcoholism - Addiction (PDF) 
3. Unbelief - Lack of Godly Wisdom & Truth (PDF) 
4. Feminism - Confusion of Roles (PDF) 
5. Lack of communication/intimacy - (PDF)

If you don't want a divorce then you both have to realize the world is full of lies and deception. You are being deceived. The material on this website might shock you. Be patient and pray about it. If you are genuinely searching for answers, God will show you the way.

If you want to save your marriage then you must be willing to look at thyself and improve who you are. If you are not willing to admit you need inner healing then you will not be able to save your marriage. There comes a time in our life when we got to say "God help me, I'm a wretched person and I need healing"!  If we can't humble ourselves to God then we will never be able to humble ourselves to our spouse.  There is absolutely no room for selfishness in Gods marriage. 

This marriage healing website has tons of God-self-help information to guide you on the path that leads to true marriage healing. don't just read what the material says, do it.  

We have donated many hours of research, study, prayer and service to bring you a marriage healing website that will help your marriage with the TRUE WORD OF GOD for marriage. We are missionaries in Ecuador being examples of Godly family life and marriage to whomever has ears to hear and eyes to see. MARRIAGE BELONGS TO GOD.

Do You Know Someone with an Alcohol Problem?
Alcoholism is an insidious condition and the number one cause of unhappy marriages and divorce. Frank and Angie have been there and we know what it is like to be enslaved by alcohol and to be married to one. If you live with an alcoholic your best defense is to detach with love.

Check out more about healing of alcoholism in the books in the upper right hand column! 

You Don't Have To Feel Helpless and Frustrated

Say good bye to helplessness and frustration and say hello to "I've got my life back"! Learn the proper ways to react to the alcoholic. Learn when to react to the alcoholic. Learn why your reactions can keep the alcoholic stuck within the addiction. Learn how YOU can be a valuable help to the alcoholic.                                      




Life is beautiful when we have God in our lives!




READ: Angie's Marriage Column
Detaching from Alcoholic 
January 2017

The Alcoholism Trap

This book is written for both the alcoholic and the person who loves the alcoholic. Understanding why you drink and what you can do to get sober for good!  Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Also available as ePub here!


Detach from an
Alcoholic Spouse








The BEST Guidance we can tell a spouse of an alcoholic is DETACH! Read more about this informative book that can change your life!



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