How to Save Your Marriage if You Think Your Spouse 
Is Cheating

What I am about to tell you is NOT a new concept, although you will not get this kind of advice very often when dealing with a cheating spouse, not even from your pastor. If you are suspicious of your spouse then your marriage is already in trouble. Why wait to find out if they are actually cheating? Why not do something about your marriage while you can?

Stop Being Suspicious and Fix Your Marriage

If you are living your life in suspicion of your spouse then the marriage has an issue that is not getting remedied by either one of you. This issue needs to get remedied immediately before a spouse does cheat, cheats again, or you cheat. Thatís right, you read that right, ďyou cheatĒ.

Are you still dating or are you married? I ask this because in the dating relationship it is almost a given that someone is going to cheat, whether emotional or physicalóits engraved within the dating attitude. But in a marriage relationship being suspicious of one another and cheating should not be going on and married couples should NOT be living their marriage in such a reckless way. It is wasteful, disrespectful, impractical, ungodly and immature and leads to divorce.

What Can You Do if Your
Spouse is Cheating?

Jealousies, suspicions and cheating should be left back at the dating scene, or else donít get married. If we are married then we have to grow up and be accountable, firstly to God and then secondly to our spouse. When one spouse thinks the other is cheating it usually means they are doing something that would merit cheating themselves by attracting the opposite sex.

Perhaps you dress in revealing clothing. Or maybe you chat with the opposite sex on social network sites or maybe you just canít keep your eyes and flirtatious escapades in your own fence. Now who is the cheater? Is it the one who is cheating or the other spouse who is also cheating but they donít want to admit it. In other words, itís all cheating, whether physical or emotional, and do you want to know why? Because it is in your attitude, in your persona, and how you carry yourselves, thatís why.

ďThat ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; And be renewed in the spirit of your mind. And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holinessĒ. Ephesians 4:22, 23

Now for the concept I was talking about in the first sentence of this article. Before we can stop all of this suspicion, jealousies and cheating in marriage we have to look at ourselves; we have to change our attitude and renew our mind, meaning get rid of all the conditioning and brainwash that circulates in society about the justification of these things.  We have to give our marriages to God! Donít you know that God is the Creator and Architect of Marriage? Why are you giving it to the world to destroy?

Stop Focusing All of Your Attention on Cheating Spouse

Letís start by doing what Jesus did when the people wanted to stone the adulterous woman in John chapter eight. ďHe that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.Ē  Do you think that just because you did not commit the physical act of adultery that you are better than your spouse in this area? Jesus is saying, ďstop focusing on other peopleís sins and look at yourselfĒ.

Jesus is not condoning adultery, but Jesus is saying to take care of your own sins, change yourself, so perhaps you can be a light of God for the cheating spouse. We are not here to condemn but to love and so first we must learn how to love in the way that Christ has shown His love for us through the forgiveness of our sins.

Start Focusing on Yourself

This advice is for the person who is suspicious of a spouse or knows for sure they are cheating. Have you put the stones away? Good. Now look at your own behaviors and attitudes and dress when you are out in public, and how you behave on chat forums and social networking sites. Did you know that we attract the opposite sex to look at us with lust by how we dress, talk and behave? But you already knew that, right? Is that why you are suspicious of your spouse? Should they be suspicious of you too?

What can you change about yourself? How can your example shine a light on your spouse so they may follow your lead? Do you dress to please your ego or God? Do you stare and flirt with the opposite sex? Do you have opposite sex friends without your spouse? Do you behave in ways that would give your spouse reason to think you do not care about them? Many people do not realize that their very actions merit suspicion by their spouse and could even give justification for a spouse to cheat.

Heal Your Attitude and Restore Your Marriage

Heal your attitude and restore your marriage! Healing takes place when we repent (give up living for self) and get right with God through forgiveness of our past lifestyle. In other words, we have to stop living the sinful lifestyle. Change your attitude and renew your mind. Keep your eyes in your own fence and ask God to help you to love your spouse in the right ways, according to His design.

Couples do not need to cheat on each other, they just need to learn how to enjoy each other in every which way, rather than seek attention, admiration and praise from others. No one admires you more than God himself; let God admire His wonderful works in you! Live your life for God! BTW, it takes two to tango, send this article to your spouse today!

ďThou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman (man) to lust after her (him) hath committed adultery with her (him) already in his (her) heart.Ē (Matthew 5:27,28)

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Forgive and Love a Cheating Spouse

Have you tried to forgive your spouse of adultery only to have it all come back to haunt you later? This happens because we have not forgiven in its completeness. Anyone can say they have forgiven, but what is your heart telling you?

Do you think it is the end of your marriage because your spouse had an affair? On the contrary itís time to nurture, cultivate, and cherish the marriage even more. It is time to start plucking out the mischievous weeds to make room for the tender new shoots. 

The purpose for forgiving those who have hurt us is to clear out unwanted emotions, and free our minds from negative clutter. This needless stuff builds up if we donít do anything about it. First and foremost we need to be mentally and spiritually healthy so we can express feelings and needs appropriately to our spouse. Then and only then can we actually forgive in completeness?

One of the most difficult aspects of being able to forgive is to stop picturing the hurt in our mind. We may actually try and envision what it was like for our spouse while they were engaged in the sexual act with another person. We want to know if they enjoyed it or not. We want to know why they did it. We may even believe there is something wrong with us sexually.  All of these things enter our mind even after we have forgiven, and they can literally tear us apart. 

My motto has always been that we absolutely need to take care of our self first before we can take care of another. If we are all messed up inside, full of bitterness and resentment towards our unfaithful spouse, we certainly cannot forgive them. The same applies with love. Donít we need to love ourselves first before we can love another?

So this brings me to detachment. We become healthy in mind by detaching with love. Whatís that? As Jesus would say, ďTurn the other cheek.Ē  We need to let it go!  Letting emotional qualms trouble us will not help the forgiveness process. When we let the anger and bitterness go from within our inner being, we can start applying constructive ways to build back up the wounded marriage. 

Detaching only means we are not going to allow the weakness of our spouse to CONTROL our mental and spiritual well-being. If we are still angry and bitter over their unfaithfulness, we invariably make their sin a part of who we are by obsessing over it every chance we get. Detaching gives us the freedom to forgive!

If we refuse to forgive our spouse we are missing the wonderful opportunity to experience the joys in forgiving and sharing that happiness with our spouse. The marriage will miss out on the growth process that takes place within its framework, and the coupleís own spiritual outlook on life. Marriage can remain stunted by not forgiving or it can grow out from the selfish aspect of each couple by forgiving completely.

No doubt, it is difficult to forgive when our spouse has had sex with someone else. But that's just it; we are flabbergasted that our spouse would err against the marriage in such a way. We feel duped, unloved, and deceived! We want restitution at all costs! For some of us that means divorce. This initial feeling, of course, is completely understandable. We have been hurt deeply by the unfaithfulness of our spouse and justify our own bad behavior by literally making ourselves the victim of our spouses err. But who really is the victim here?

In reality, we make our self the victim of our spouseís weakness by obsessing over it and not forgiving. We do that to our self. No one does that for us. Divorce over unfaithfulness is totally unnecessary. Couples can work through this infidelity issue properly and grow from it to boot.

Did our spouse have an affair to do wrong purposely against the marriage?  I donít think so. Most of the time when a spouse is unfaithful it has nothing to do with the other spouse. The reasons behind unfaithfulness stem from the need for constant self-gratification, low self esteem, and lack of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. 

Hereís how it works. First the idea to be unfaithful is imagined in the mind.  Secondly it is mediated on with vivid scenes and great clarity. Thirdly, adultery somehow becomes justified because of wrong thinking, and cultural influences.  Finally the act of adultery is actually carried out in the physical sense. Sometimes the guilty party feels remorse about defiling the marriage bed, and wonít do it again. No one finds out, case closed.

But sometimes-promiscuous acts continue, and that is because the adulterer has not humbled himself to God for the guidance he so very much needs to help him to turn away from tempting and enticing situations. Unfaithfulness in marriage is only a symptom of a greater problem. But so often when marriages break apart couples blame infidelity as the culprit, but it is not the real problem.

The real issue is most likely boredom, lack of respect and commitment for one another. But those are the main features God had designed especially for marriage!  And since the culture of society has made it justifiable to sleep around from bed to bed, house to house, couples have decided to make themselves a part of that promiscuous world instead of Godís world. So in essence the real problem stems from lack of spiritual wisdom guiding couples in their faithless marriage!

Unfortunately, so many marriages of today deal with the issues of adultery. Culturally speaking, isnít it a thing of normalcy for a spouse to be unfaithful in their marriage? No one gives a darn! But this kind of thinking is destroying lives. It is not normal to have sexual relations outside of marriage!  It is very wrong and goes against all that God has created and planned for marriage! Adultery breaks the bonds of trust and respect for the person we married, and carries with it a heavy sword of sinful rebellion against what God has created.

You see, if we have not yet acknowledged the realm of God's world and are lacking in the knowledge of God's goodness, we, through our own understanding, allow our wayward thinking patterns to take charge. But what do we know? We know our negative feelings! That's what we know.

Our feelings tell us to be bitter because our spouse had sex with someone else. So what do we do? We become bitter! Our feelings tell us to stay resentful, and so we resent our spouse. Our feelings tell us the grass is greener over there on the other side of the fence. So we go to the other side. How can we forgive properly when our negative feelings our controlling us!

These unhealthy emotions make our attitude, and ultimately tell us how to view the world around us and how to live in the world.

A healthy spiritually minded person allows self to be directed by Godís insight where it looks beyond selfishness and into the loving person they were meant to be. We absolutely need to have the knowledge and wisdom of God within the framework of who we are, so we can understand how to respect and love our spouse properly. Why on earth would anyone want to continue carrying the mistakes of sinful weakness throughout the marriage?  

Matthew 7:24-27 Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on a rock. The rain came down, the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against the house, and it fell with a great crash. 

Bottom line. The ability to forgive does not stand with us alone. We just do not have the complete understanding to actually forgive without ever bringing up the offense again to our spouse, and even to our self! What happens is we only forgive superficially, which keeps us feeling the burden of the hurt. But we donít want this because here is what happens.  If we only forgive superficially the offense will continually evade our heart and mind, consequently, bitter feelings take over and control what we do and how we behave.

Do you want to lash out in anger at your spouse? Then forgive superficially. Do you want to say hateful and mean things to the person you married? Forgive superficially.  Do you want to respect and trust your spouse again? Then forgive completely. 

Here is how you forgive. First, understand this: The Holy Spirit is our greatest blessing and gift from God that we, as His children receive when we share ourselves with Him. When we give up the selfish ego to God, He will in return gives us the gifts of how to love properly, how to hope, how to have faith with conviction, and how to forgive completely. When we act on His instructions we are allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to take over in our marriage and life and we are submitting to His will for us.  

God is in control.  Remember, we do not have the ability under our own understanding to forgive properly, to love completely, or to understand and utilize the blessed gifts of the Holy Spirit. We know that all these awesome gifts come from God. But that is all we know. Not until we put all of this into practice will it actually be real to us. We will not understand what it is that God wants for us, until we submit our sinful and selfish lives to Him. 

We want it all. But to have it, we must experience it first. 

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer-may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love. Why be captivated, my son, by an adulteress? Why embrace the bosom of another manís wife? Proverbs 5:18-20  

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Forgive and 
Love a Cheating Spouse 

Healing the Wounds Brought on by Adultery


Adultery is Forgivable
Heaven Ministries


First of all let me say this, I donít condone adultery. And just because it is forgivable by God, if a spouse repents and turns from their sin, doesnít make it justifiable in any way shape or form. Infidelity always hurts someone and causes much unneeded animosity between couples. Itís best to be healthy minded spiritually and mentally so you wonít be tempted by lustful desires in the first place. But unfortunately many Christians today are not keeping as spiritually fit as they should.

I got an email yesterday by a grieving man who couldnít understand how I could write articles on forgiving a spouse of adultery. He is still going through such a hard time of it, trying to forgive his wife, which at this stage of his grieving, would be worse than death itself. He is in the denial stage of forgiveness. Anger keeps us living in our horrid feelings and we deny forgiveness even exists. But the fact is, if Jesus would forgive adultery then we as believers need to do the same.

I explain to couples all the time about the basic principles on how to forgive their spouse of adultery. Why do I do this? Why do I waste my time on trying to explain to people how to forgive when they are in so much pain and suffering? I do it because it is scriptural! Itís not about what I write in my articles and books. I donít tell people to forgive, God does! What I write comes from the word of God. If you see my opinion in an article I will usually say, ďI believeĒ, or ďI think.Ē

Just last week I get an email from someone who wants me to tell them itís okay for them to divorce their husband or wife because of unfaithfulness. But I donít give them what they want. I donít tell them what their ears want to hear because that is not what scripture says. Many times I have to tell people things that they donít want to hear.

Infidelity is not a loophole for divorce! (Matthew 5:31-32) (Matthew 19:3-12) (Mark 10: 2-10) (Luke 16:15-18) (Romans 7:2-3) (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

I would never advise anyone to divorce his or her spouse because of infidelity. That is not what the bible says! I donít have this Christian marriage ministry to make friends. I have been given this marriage ministry to help people! In my articles on forgiveness I show couples how to forgive and work on healing themselves and restoring their marriage.

Adultery is common in Christian homes today and it is because they are not interacting with God about these moral issues but are relying upon their own understanding of things, which is most likely, based upon their feelings and what feels good. Most of these individuals are not bad people; they have only gotten lax with their beliefs and spiritual efforts in Christ Jesus. As Christianís, donít forget, we are the example to everyone else; isnít that important to you? 

The Christian life is not about going after what WE desire; at least it isnít for the believer. Christ Ones have a responsibility to Him that overshadows everything else. The believer has a responsibility to God before anything else in his life. If a Christian is not FIRST living up to his or her responsibilities in Christ, then how can you expect him to be responsible in his or her marriage? It isnít going to happen! For the Christian, there is only one way and that is Godís way.

ďWhoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.Ē (John 14:21 NIV) ~~~


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