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Marriage Guidance and Encouragement. This marriage ministry is free to everyone. We provide free email support and encouragement to those who ask and need it.  We have several hundred marriage columns (from 2007 to present) based on Gods principles and design for marriage. We hope you will find personal healing and encouragement within. Donations are welcomed and appreciated. 


Separation, Remarriage and Divorce

Alcoholism, Drug & other Addictions

Fallen out of Love With Spouse & Intimacy/Sexual Issues

Dealing with Various other Marriage Issues

 Healing from Adultery (emotional & physical)

Problems &  Financial Issues

Spousal Roles & Positions of Godly Marriage

Self Growth & Spiritual (Godly) Self-Healing

NEW** Heresy Defined: Deviation from Truth

5 Top Reasons for Divorce: # 2 Alcohol Addiction

My Husband Wants a Divorce: Says He Doesn't Love Me Anymore!

We Can't Save Your Marriage BUT You Can!

Husband Won't Stop in the Affair

Husband Can't Find a Job, What Are We To Do?


The Feminist Wife Needs Inner Healing

My Husband is My Covering and Why I Need Him to Be 

  Divorce Second Spouse, and Restore Marriage with First Spouse

Help for pornography and Alcohol Addiction in Husbands Life

Help! Sex Life Going Down Hill! 

No Pharmaceutical Drug CAN Heal a Personís Mental,
Emotional, and Spiritual State, thatís Gods Job!

What Are the Steps Towards Healing after Husband Repents of Adultery?

My Sin is Lying to Husband about Finances- Can You Help?

Headship and Submission IN A NUTSHELL

Living a Balanced Marriage and Life through Total Health of our Being

Is Remarriage an Abomination
to God?

Conquering Addiction thru Christ: Understanding How AA Works

How to Rekindle Intimacy in Your Marriage

Is Kissing Considered Adultery?

How to Deal with a Spouse that Will Not Stop Cheating?
Dealing with a Cheating Spouse

Financial Dishonesty in Marriage

Husband Not Interested in Being the Spiritual Head

I'm Afraid to Get Married Because of my Past Sins

Is Having Sex with Husband who is remarried, adultery?

How to Help Yourself and Your Children Detach from Alcoholic

What Can I Do If Husband Wants out of Our Marriage?

How Married Folks Can Overcome Tempting Situations

How to Forgive and Love Cheating Spouse!

Help: I'm Married to a Angry, Abusive Spouse!

What Can I Do If My Husband Will Not Lead?

Making God NUMBER ONE in Your Life

My Husband Divorced Me and Now Wants to Remarry Me-Do I Have to Remarry?

Are You Riding on an Emotional Roller Coaster with your Alcoholic Spouse? It's Time to Get Off!

What to Do When Only One Spouse Wants to Work on the Marriage?

How to Stay Faithful in Your Marriage

I Thought I Married a Godly Man!


Overcome the Pain of Husband's Adultery through Forgiveness

How to Deal with a Shy and Rude Husband

Should a Wife and Mother Work Outside of the Home?

Are There Exceptions to the "Permanency of Marriage" Laws? 

If I Am Separated from Husband, Am I Free to Date?

I Left My Alcoholic Husband! When Should I Go Back?

How to Have Happiness and Abundance in Your Marriage

Marriage Restoration and Remarriage to First (only real) Spouse

Seeking Joy and Love AFTER Husbands Affair

How to Deal with a Husband YOU THINK is Controlling

My Wife Thinks I'm Too Controlling! Help!

How (Godly) Forgiveness Works in Our Lives?

Help! My Cheating Husband Thinks He Wants a Divorce!

How Should I Deal with My Alcoholic Husband?
Married to an Alcoholic: Advice Please!

I Forgave, But Husband Will Not Talk to Me!

How Do I Deal with Husbands Pornography Addiction?


Trust and Accountability, after Adultery I Don't FEEL Loved by My Husband!

Boyfriend Won't Marry Me Because He Says I'm Too Independent

How Can I Be Content and Happy in My Marriage?

Husband Committed Adultery; Says He Wants Divorce; What Can I Do?

Husband Healing from Sex and Alcohol Addiction - Now What?

I Feel Light Years Away from My Husband! What Can I Do. 

What Are My Christian Priorities as a Wife?

How Do I Heal From My Husbands Ongoing Adultery


Does Once a Cheat, Always a Cheat Ring True?



Help! My Husband is Not Nice and He Is Angry and Controlling


Am I a
Helpmeet Wife 


Am I a Headship Husband?

Should a Christian Marry an Unbeliever?


Remarriage to Husbands Best Friend: Is There Forgiveness?

What Can I Do about My Mentally Abusive, Alcoholic Husband?

Marriage Column 2

How Do I Deal with Husbands 14 Affairs in our 20-Year Marriage

I'm Jealous When My Wife Is Around other Men

Learn to Stop Throwing Stones at the other Woman

What Should I Do When My Husband Quickly Becomes Angry?

Help, Husband Got Laid Off, and I'm Paying all the Bills!

What Can I Do If I Married an Unbeliever?

Unbelieving Husband Left! Now What Should I Do?

How to Stop Controlling Husbands Drug Addiction


How to Stop Enabling Alcoholism

How Can I Change My Husband to 
Be More Affectionate?

My Husband Has Backslidden! What Can I Do?

How Do I Make the Pain Go Away After Husbands Affair?


Wife with Low Self Esteem NEEDS More Attention and Affection  from Husband

Husband Controls How I Dress! What Can I do about It?

Forgiveness VS. Reconciliation

Biblically Speaking Can I Divorce My Alcoholic Husband?

Courage to Detach from the Alcoholic You Love

Wife with Low Self Esteem NEEDS More Attention and Affection  from Husband

Perseverance for Your Marriage

Do You Keep Forgiving a Continuous Cheater?

What Can I do about A Angry and Selfish Husband?

Husband Jealous, and Tells Me How to Dress

Repentance and Accountability for Your Marriage!

Husband Left Me! Am I Free to Remarry?

Learning to Define Boundaries When Living with an Alcoholic

My Husband Wants to Have Two Wives!

Why Is All the Effort Put into Marriage by the Wife?

DIVORCE: Why So Much Infidelity in Society?

Disrespect in Marriage and Learning to Communicate

 How to Treat Your Man Like a Man

My Husband is Addicted to Porn; What Should I Do?

My Husband is Divorced from First Wife, Is He Committing Adultery with Me?

4 Readers Write In Seeking Help for Living with an Alcoholic!

5 Top Reasons for Divorce: Lack of Communication and Intimacy 

When Should a Wife Break Free Financially  from Her Alcoholic Husband?

How Do I Deal with My Anger After Husbands Infidelity?

5 Top Reasons for a Successful Marriage: Compromise and Resiliency

5 Godly Tips for a Happier Marriage

Persevering in our Marriage in God

Not Bound to Marriage if Spouse is a Constant Cheater; Let the Unbeliever Go!

How to Help the Alcoholic See they Have a Drinking Problem

How to Flee Lust Temptations and Immorality in Society

How to Stop Being a Jealous Wife

How Do I Salvage Trust Back Into My Marriage

Coming soon

5 Top Reasons for Divorce: FEMINISM - Confusion of marriage roles and self

My Husband Is Addicted to Pornography, Help!

Should I Divorce My Unbelieving Husband?

How to Deal with an Angry Alcoholic


How to Cope Being Married to an Alcoholic

Understanding and Coping with Husbands Infidelity


5 Top Reasons for a Successful Marriage: Commitment and Roles

If LOVE is the Greatest Commandment, Why Can't We Love?

What Can/Should I Do after Wife Divorced Me!

I Want to Leave Alcoholic Husband of 21-Years AND Do Gods Will

coming soon

Jealous Husband; I'm Stressed Out! Can You Help!?

Married to an Adulterer and What You Can Do about It!

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Bible Study for Christ's People and Their Marriage
(Headship & Submission)

5 Reasons for Divorce: # 3
Unbelief - Lack of Godly Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth

Remarriage NOT Recognized by God

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coming soon

Help for Dealing with Personality Disorders (unbelief) in Your Spouse

5 Reasons for Divorce: #1 Unfaithfulness

coming soon

How to Be a Better Spouse

5 Top Reasons for a Successful Marriage: #1. Makes God Most Important

coming soon

My Drunk, Sloppy Husband Disgusts Me! Help!

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My Husband Is Addicted to Methamphetamines. What Can I Do?

Healing from a Constant Cheater

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Priorities and Responsibilities of Marriage

Top 5 Reasons for a Successful Marriage - FORGIVING

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