We need to take charge of our health and be fit and healthy in mind, body, and soul!

"Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food"

The Alcoholism Trap

Understanding why you drink and what you can do to beat alcohol addiction for good and achieve total sobriety.

This book is written for helping the alcoholic and those who love an alcoholic. 

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How To Detach From An Alcoholic Spouse

How Do I Detach From an Alcoholic Spouse - Paperback-003.jpg (37441 bytes)We have included in How to Detach From an Alcoholic Spouse tips on helping the alcoholic to sobriety and more ways to cope when married to and living with an alcoholic, plus, how to set boundaries that give you back your life. 

How Do I Detach From an Alcoholic Spouse is packed full of excellent information that will help you to break away from the addiction and to begin to live your life for YOU, plus help the alcoholic at the same time! 

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Sugar Overload Syndrome 

Healing mental and physical disorders naturally! Covers the issues of codependency, attention deficient disorder, bipolar, hypoglycemia, alcoholism and more. Also covers the direct link between these disorders and diet. Simple, proven, techniques incorporating a whole foods diet, cleansing, exercise and herbs to treat illness. Includes wholesome recipes, two free cleanses and age reducing and skin enhancing chapters.

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