Teens Need To "Show" They Can Be Trusted
Copyright 2008 Heaven Ministries - Angie Lewis


Parents don't want to hear a bunch of empty promises. They don't want to sit home and worry about where you are, or who you're with, or what you're doing. They want to be involved in your life. 

Some teens feel restricted and want more freedom.  They fight with their parents and rebel to gain freedom. Many teenagers don't understand that parents keep a tight rein on them because of love - they don't want anything bad to happen to you. Perhaps they have experienced bad things happening to someone they know or maybe those bad things happened to them when they were children. Regardless, parents discipline and place rules and restrictions on your so-called freedom because they love you! They are doing their job!

Parents who go the extra mile to make sure all the "eyes are dotted" and all of the "tees are crossed" will have safer, happier teenagers. Teenagers, for the most part, actually want to be disciplined "with love", that is. Take out the love part and you have full blown exasperation. 

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4)

Teenagers, why would you not want to show that you can be trusted? You've heard the saying, I'm sure, that "talk is cheap", right? Well, its very true. You must show that you can be trusted by doing what your parents ask of you. They have your best interests at heart, (most of the time) and they do know what's best for you. The best way you can show that you can be trusted is by obeying their rules and enforcements. 

For additional encouragement in this area, I have outlined 7-ways to reestablish trust with your parents. This list should get you started on the road to winning back their trust once and for all. 

7 Ways To Reestablish Trust With Your Parents

Are your parents hurting over something you did wrong, and now they are having a difficult time trusting you again? Do you regret what you did? Youíre not alone. It happens to almost every teenager - we make stupid mistakes and then regret them, but now we've lost trust with our parents and that hurts. What can you do? 

1. Show That You're Sorry

Often times just saying youíre sorry doesnít seem quit enough. In that case, show you are sorry by applying actions to that sorry. If you are sorry, you will be willing to cooperate with your parents. As we all know saying sorry is one thing, actually being sorry will show through in your actions. If you have been grounded or restricted just do the time without complaining. Understand it will also help you in the long run to not cross over the boundaries next time - it will make you stronger. 

2. Reestablish Trust

Be willing to do whatever it is you need to do to prove that you have learned your lesson. Reestablishing the bonds of trust with your parents isnít always easy, but it is an absolute must if you want the freedoms back that you once were entrusted with. Admit you made a mistake - show you have in fact learned your lesson. 

3. Cooperation

Cooperate with your parents on all levels. If that means losing some of your privacy over it, then be it. Examples of that might be having a GPS tracking system installed in your car, or maybe moving your computer from your bedroom to the living room. Ask you parents what it is you can do that will help them to trust you again. Your willingness to do what it takes will definitely help them to trust you once again. 

4. Be Open and Honest

Bring everything out in the open. Let them know why you did what you did, and why you wonít do it again. Open communication is very important with your parents right now. If you are holding something back, chances are they will find out about it sooner or later. Parents always seem to find out stuff, so you may as well tell them now and get it over with. Be willing to have heart to heart talks and let your mom and dad know the people you are hanging out with and what you do in your spare time after school and when you are away from home. 

5. Be Trustworthy

Show that you are trustworthy. Understand all that might be expected by you and be willing to fulfill those obligations. By showing your parents the extra effort on your part it will show them that you really can be trusted again. Trust goes along way in our actions. Come home a little bit before your schedule time; go the extra mile to meet your parents trust expectations of you. 

6. Learn From Your Wrong(s)

Perhaps the most important aspect of showing responsibility is growing from your mistakes. This is how you learn and mature. You should never linger in your wrongs, because that is not what God wants you to do. I believe that making mistakes is one of the ways you learn in life and through them all you can become the dependable and responsible young person that God wants you to be. Mistakes don't make us a failure mistakes make us successful. 

7. Be Repentant

Pray about it daily and ask for Christís forgiveness. Stay focused at all times on Christ Jesus and ask Him to lift any heavy burdens from your heart and mind. If you are struggling with temptations or other major issues and or difficulties it is always best to tell your parents so they can support you in whatever trials you are going through. Your parents may be disappointed in your past actions but they will still be there for you to support and encourage you through whatever difficulties you may be experiencing, if you talk to them. But if you don't talk to them, it will be a lot harder on you and them in the long run. 

ď I, even,  am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more,Ē says the LORD. (Isaiah 43:25 NIV)