Jesus Freaks and Potheads Are Not So Different After All
Copyright 2005 Heaven Ministries - Angie Lewis

When I was going to school, I felt I had to fit-in to a niche group to be accepted. I grew up in a small town in Sandpoint, Idaho, and my high school was quite small. Even though it was a small school if some of the kids were too smart, they were considered "nerds". If they were athletes they were considered "jocks". If kids skipped school and smoked cigarettes they were considered "potheads". If they wore cowboy boots and hat, they were considered "goat-ropers." If kids started a lot of fights, they were considered "bullies." If they read the bible, they were considered "Jesus freaks". 

I don't know if these same terms are used today, but I find that labeling people and things rather presumptuous and quite judgmental, and yet, ironically, this is exactly how the teenager fits in and becomes part of a group of his or her choice. Once they feel comfortable in their group, they have the privilege of watching and even studying any and all of the other groups. Some of these groups clash quite a bit and problems can arise when the "so called" leaders of the groups decide to compete against each other to be the best and most popular group in school. 

Most of the kids stay within their own group and never cause any serious problems. I remember the two groups most likely to be friendly when I was going to school. They were the Christian teenagers and the nerds. They never bothered anyone. In fact, the Christian kids went out of their way to be nice to others. I used to wonder why these Christian kids never stuck up for themselves. They would just smile and walk away. 

I remember one day when I saw a pothead and a Christian girl outside together in the parking lot. It amazed me. I thought, She isn't going out with that pothead is she? To me, it seemed strange seeing two different kinds of people talking together out in the parking lot where some of the kids would skip school and smoke cigarettes. On lunch break, I ran back to my group to tell them what I saw, and we gossiped about it for forty-five minutes during lunch. Within one hour, the outlandish news was circulating all over the school that the Christian girl and pothead were going to the prom together. 

The next day, we found out the real truth and it too was traveling quickly all over the school. The pothead wanted to learn how to pray so he could quit smoking and drinking. The Christian girl caught up with him between class periods out in the parking lot and gave him a tract with relevant scripture and the address to her Church. Later that year, after he became a Christian, they became an item and they made an excellent couple. They weren't so different after all.