Who Should Do A Colon Cleanse?
Copyright 2009 Heaven Ministries ~ Angie Lewis


Most people I talk to about colon cleansing are skeptical about entertaining alternative healing methods, and donít think they need to cleanse. They usually tell me about how they have a bowel movement almost every day and donít have clogged intestines. The problem is they are equating regularity with a healthy bowel.  What many fail to understand is just because they are somewhat regular doesnít mean they donít have toxins. Even a toxic person can go to the bathroom.

The truth is the more we abuse our body the more likely we will need to clean it. We brush our teeth and we clean out our ears; we scrub our face and we clean out our noses; and we wash our hair until it shines, but we keep the intestinal tract dirty.  Does that make sense to you? It makes sense when you see that people are more concerned about the outside of the body than the inside of the body.

Some people spend $40 an hour getting their toenails cleaned and manicured but they leave the intestines caked up with old fecal matter from twenty, thirty years ago. Whatís going on? Iíll tell you whatís going on. People are more concerned about how their toenails look rather than the health of their organs. Pretty toenails do look nice but pretty toenails are not going to make you healthy and extend your life.

So who should do a colon cleanse? Virtually everyone. If you eat processed foods (poor diet) on a consistent basis; if you have allergies, boils, bad complexion, aching back, arthritis, IBS, gluten intolerance, sugar spikes, overweight or a potbelly you should do a colon cleanse. If you smoke, do drugs, take medications, or drink excessively it is recommended to clean your system out. If you feel tired after eating and always seem to be hungry, or feel sick after eating then you need to cleanse your body.

Toxic overload can come in many forms from boils and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms to headaches and food allergies. The reason a toxic person feels hungry all the time is because the body is craving vitamins and minerals. When the intestines are all clogged up with fecal matter, nutrients canít pass through the intestines and into the bloodstream efficiently.  This keeps the body in an unhealthy state and pretty soon organs begin showing signs of not working properly.

In a healthy intestinal tract nutrients can freely pass through the walls of the intestines efficiently, feeding the rest of the body. But when the intestines are clogged up and full of toxins the body is not getting fed properly and this is what causes disease in the bones, teeth, blood, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneyís liver, heart, veins and colon. 

All the organs need to be fed vital nutrients from the food we eat, but if the bowels arenít allowing nutrients to pass through into the bloodstream, none of the organs are getting fed the proper nutrients! When a body rejects whole foods, such as whole wheat in the form of gluten intolerance then it is a sure sign that it canít take any more abuse.

The wheat berry is such a natural growing piece of nature that I find it hard to believe that someone could not tolerate it in the intestines, unless it is not organic and what the body is really rejecting is pesticides and herbicides.

For a healthy body and mind, cleaning the colon is the first step. The next step would be to incorporate only whole, natural foods into the diet so the body can begin healing itself. Learn all you can about nutrition so you can take care of your own body the way God planned. The third step is to listen to your body. Be aware of orange flags that your body sends out because of diet and environment. Donít wait for the orange flags to turn into red flags. Do something about the signals at the first sign. You are your bodyís best friend so treat it well.


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