The Connection Between Sugar, Self Esteem, And Emotional Issues
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Is there a link between sugar and self esteem? Traditional doctors may not have discovered how eating refined sugar influences our emotions and the way we feel about ourselves, but it does. When I was in my twenties and thirties I experienced it over, and over, and over again. And I have seen it over and over and over again with young Hollywood celebrities and other young people. There is a definite connection to fluctuating blood sugar levels, self esteem and emotions.

Every organ in our body has a unique job to do that keeps certain aspects of our health running smoothly. For instance when we overload our body, specifically the kidneys with too many protein foods, we feel sick. Symptoms are headache, tiredness, and feelings of general malaise. You would have to eat a lot of protein over several days to feel the effects, but it does happen. If we continue to overload our kidneys, eventually they will quit doing their job properly and illness sets in. 

Another example is how alcoholics tend to overload their body with too much alcohol and it negatively affects the liver and overall nutrition in the body. Eventually if the alcoholic doesnít stop abusing their body, the liver will become ravaged with disease. As these important organs begin experiencing difficulties from too much overload, so does the mind. The brain is as much plagued by nutritional deficiencies, as is the rest of the body.

What happens when a person overloads with too much refined sugar and flour products? Eventually the pancreas stops doing its job of processing sugar and producing the important hormone insulin, and sugar overload symptoms will show up throughout the body in many illnesses identified today. Many of these symptoms show up as emotional also. This is where low self esteem and negative emotions come into the picture. Emotional and physical afflictions such as what is termed bipolar, ADD and ADHD, hypoglycemia, codependency, depression and even the physical addiction to alcohol are all  caused from what we are eating on a daily basis.

Physical systems from processed food overload are headache, bloated, irritable bowels, eczema, potbelly, boils, fluís and colds, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, lower backache, etc. Emotional symptoms show up as depression, bipolar, hypoglycemia, addiction to alcohol, diabetic, moody, agitated, cranky, inability to focus, dizzy, tingly, numb, panicky, fearful, low self-esteem, attention deficient, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Almost every health condition known to man is caused by something we are putting into our body. Whether it is too much soda pop, alcohol, refined sugar, and refined flour foods. Low self worth, depression, and other emotional issues begin to surface in the individual who eats a poor daily diet.

Some young people have a difficult time dealing with their emotions properly because they are still learning and growing. When they are nutritionally healthy they can better manage their emotions with a clear focus and deal with them properly. Itís true! Teenagers that are healthy have a better outlook on life and better self esteem.

But what if they are vitamin and mineral deficient from eating a poor diet? Like I mentioned earlier mineral deficiency interferes with normal hormone function. A mineral deficient brain does not think rationally. It is missing vital nutrients needed for proper brain function. I think this is a BIG reason why many parents see behavior in their teenager that could be considered disturbing or irrational. We have all seen the same behavior in many young celebrities too. Remember we are what we eat!

Take note of what your teenagers are eating. Are they receiving adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals in their daily diet? Remember that soda pop depletes important nutrients from the body, namely calcium, zinc and magnesium. That means if they drink soda they need to double up on these vital nutrients for strong bones, healthy mind and a good self-image. Refined sugar is a drug and it is slowly killing us. 

There are many other alternatives to eating refined sugar and processed foods. Try raw bee's honey or sweeten your baked goods with date or raisin sugar. Simply blend up the dates or raisins with a little water or milk and walla, there you have a natural sugar for baking or adding to your cereal in the morning.

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