Treating Perimenopause With Black Cohosh
Copyright 2009 - Heaven Ministries -- Angie Lewis


Perimenopause symptoms can last ten to fifteen years before the cessation of menstruation actually occurs, which is called menopause. The usual age of perimenopause is between 35 and 50. During this time hormones can become greatly imbalanced causing numerous symptoms. You may experience mood swings, hot flashes, irregular and heavy periods, sleep problems, vaginal dryness and bladder problems.

Perimenopause symptoms can be frustrating and annoying. Every body is different and you may only experience one or two symptoms or maybe none of them. The symptoms that were really bothersome for me were the hot flashes, mood swings and menstrual irregularity.

Iíve learned over the years to listen to my body and I know that when I donít eat as good as I should, symptoms of perimenopause are worsened, especially the mood swings and hot flashes. Sugary, processed foods make hot flashes and moodiness worse during menstruation. Exercise plays a huge role in severity of cramps as well. Sit-ups and briskly walking, or jumping on a trampoline will help with cramps.

Hormone replacement therapy is not something I would even think about participating in. We should never try and push or hurry something along that concerns health, in an unnatural way, or there will be consequences later on down the road. But that doesnít mean we canít find natural ways through foods, herbs and other remedies to assist us women in our journey through this life.

I would have to be in a lot of pain to take a pharmaceutical drug. This is why I looked for a natural means to help with the symptoms of perimenopause. My research led me to several natural remedies for alleviating symptoms and balancing out my hormones. I researched Dong Quai supplement, Black Cohosh supplement, and Wild Yam Cream (progesterone).

After reading several different studies and articles written up on the three natural supplements I finally decided Black Cohosh would work well for my symptoms. Black Cohosh is especially good for hot flashes and mood swings. That is what I wanted. I would have tried the Dong Quai too, but it said that if you have heavy periods, in which I do, not to use it.  Even so I bought some Dong Quai herbal tea from the local health food store and I have a cup of that every night. So far I have not noticed any difference with my menstrual flow.

My third player on the list, progesterone cream was dismissed from the start because you have to know when your cycle is since you rub it on your skin while you are ovulating. I felt this would be too difficult to know since my periods are so erratic lately. But apparently there are some very favorable reports on women who have used the wild yam cream for perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

I have been taking Black Cohosh for three months now with quite favorable results. The first month I did not notice a change at all, but since then I have read that it takes four to six weeks for the herb to kick in and to notice any changes. My hot flashes are gone! Mood swings have vanished! I can finally say that my estrogen and progesterone hormones are balanced out for now. I have had no side effects from taking Black Cohosh. Would I recommend Black Cohosh? You bet. Recommended dosage is one or two capsules a day. I take one capsule with a meal once a day. I have to say that for me Black Cohosh is working and I am grateful for that.