How To Eat To Lose Weight
Copyright 2009 Heaven Ministries ~ Angie Lewis


Why do we gain weight? We gain weight because we are eating more calories than we burn. There really is a more simple way to lose weight rather than dieting. Dieting is no fun! Why deprive yourself of food or feel guilty for eating when you’re hungry? That’s not right! Reduced calorie diets don’t work!

Reducing diets do not work because they were never meant to work in the first place. Only when we eat foods that are not natural do we gain weight. With the ever evolving food processing that humans so much love to do comes weigh gain, there's no way around it. However, when we stop eating these processed packaged foods and go all natural, weight seems to stay regulated. 

Sadly, the meat in the u.s if full of fattening hormones. These chemicals not only fatten the cow but fatten the person eating the meat! HORMONES IN THE FOOD MAKES US FAT! It is a vicious cycle. 

What can you do? You could buy only organic (grass fed, non caged, free of anti-biotic) meats and be 100% healthier. Unfortunately the price tag on organic in North America is out of this world and only the real wealthy can afford to eat organic. It's sad.

Eat Only Whole Foods And You Will Lose Weight

It’s very important to feed our body well. By “well” I mean to feed it real, whole foods. This is what the body craves. The body craves natural, wholesome food. And here is what’s so neat about it. When your body realizes it is being given what it needs, it runs much more efficiently, giving us more energy—energy to burn off the food we eat so we lose weight!  What else happens to our body when it is fed natural, whole foods? Let’s take a look.

* All of the organs function quite efficiently, working together to give YOU, the person inside your body a good physical, mental, and spiritual outlook.    

* Natural (organic) foods burn more efficiently than denatured foods do.

* Whole foods keep your body in balance because elimination occurs more readily and naturally.

* Irritable bowl syndrome symptoms go away when the body is fed good food

* Your body loses fat because of all of the above!

* Skin quality improves greatly because your body is less toxic, plus cells are receiving valuable nutrition.

What Happens When We Eat Denatured Food?

* The body becomes confused and doesn’t know what to do with the substances added to denatured food.

* Toxins build up because the body is swamped with substances it can’t metabolize through digestion

* Fibreless, denatured foods cause constipation, boils, rashes, allergies, acne, potbelly, obesity, sugar spikes, IBS, hemorrhoids, gluten intolerance, emotional issues, and more.

* Organs begin to stop functioning normally, causing bladder infections, liver disease, pancreas issues, IBS, clogged arteries, colon cancer, and more. 

Pesticides, herbicides, additives, colorings, dyes, fake sugars, preservatives, and chemicals overtime all leave a trail of toxins in your body in the form of weight gain, sleep disturbances, sugar spikes, aches and pains, and digestive disorders that become disease and cancer if something is not done to cleanse the system and change the diet.

God did not build our body to tolerate food that was not invented yet. We had already been given all the food we would need for perfect health. He knew that man would build factories and destroy the food through denaturing. But God gave us a mind that can think and reason, for this purpose, so we can choose to lead a healthy eating lifestyle.

No one is standing over us at gunpoint making us eat boxed, packaged, canned, frozen denatured food products. We can choose to buy only whole, natural ingredients and cook! Did you know that fatness is enabled in this country through the denaturing of foods! 

I’m telling you, if you want to lose weight and feel good, with no guilt trips, than go all-natural! Give your body the food it was meant to receive and your body will reward you with physical and mental well being. 

If you cannot afford to buy organic meat, then go vegetarian, however, be a smart vegetarian and eat lots of protein rich foods like beans and quinoa. You can truly eat great and lose weight but you'll have to go all natural! Isn't that the way we were meant to eat anyway?