3 Foods That Cause Disease
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Hydrogenated Oil

What is hydrogenated oil? Hydrogenated oil is oil that has been cooked at a high heat to make it last longer on the shelf. It is used in factories to make packaged food products like cookies, crackers, cakes, pastries, donuts, and potato chips. The best way to stay healthy is to STOP eating packaged food products that are made with hydrogenated oils.

Many of the fast food establishments and other restaurants deep-fry certain foods with hydrogenated oils. Such foods are french fries chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken, shrimp, donuts, oysters, clams, and fish. Both margarine and Crisco are VERY hydrogenated and are terrible for your health. The more solid the oil is, the more hydrogenated it is. When hydrogenated oil gets hot it liquefies. Always choose butter over margarine and never use Crisco.

Good oils are good for your health because they are natural. Good oils come from food products like coconut oil from the coconut tree, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil from the first pressing of the olive from the olive tree, nut oils extracted from nuts and seeds, and expeller pressed safflower oil from the safflower plant. When cooking and baking only use these oils and never reuse oil for deep-frying.

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar goes through an involved process, which virtually turns a natural sugar product into something toxic. Refined sugar originates from the cane or the beet. Factories take out all the vitamins and all the minerals to make a white crystalline substance called sugar. Manufacturers then label it as being PURE in big bold letters. But it is far from being pure – it is one of the most toxic substances known to man.  P is for plastic. U is for ulcer. R is for rotten. And E is for Enemy. That spells P.U.R.E Sugar. 

Sugar is highly addictive and many people are addicted to it and don’t even know it. A physical addiction to sugar can show up in a condition they call alcoholism or diabetes, and allergies. Children and teenagers love sugar – they gulp it down with each soda pop they drink and gobble it up with almost every packaged product they eat - from loaf breads to peanut butter, and from pop tarts to breakfast cereals. The lists of refined sugar-laden foods go on and on and on and on…

Bottom line? Refined sugar is not a natural food and that is why our body begins to reject it in the form of illness. The good news is there are several forms of natural sugar substitutes, such as maple syrup from the maple tree, raw honey from the beehive, and Stevia sugar from the Stevia plant that will NOT cause health issues. Stevia is even safe for diabetics to use. Here is a good resource to find out all about Stevia sweetener from South America. http://www.stevia.com/

Refined Flour

Refined flour or better known as “all-purposed bleached flour” is not a natural food product. The beautiful whole wheat berry, where flour originates, has been stripped of all its life giving nutrients to make an incomplete food called white flour. Whole grains such as whole wheat flour still have all of the vital, life-giving nutrients left in it. Anytime we eat the whole food vs. the incomplete food we are providing our bodies a wonderful service because we are literally feeding it valuable food.

Whole grains undoubtedly contribute to better health, and help protect against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.  The fiber content in eating whole wheat products helps to rid toxic buildup through proper elimination. Substantial scientific evidence indicates that whole wheat products reduce cancer risk.

Young healthy bodies may not notice how white wheat products affect them – it may take twenty or thirty years for your body to begin to reject a poor daily diet but it will happen – that’s a fact.  After ten, twenty, thirty years of eating white wheat, hydrogenated oils and refined sugar products your body will begin to reject more and more food in the form of common illnesses introduced today in the doctors office. You may have allergies, constant fatigue, IBS, obesity, boils, constipation, diarrhea, gluten intolerance syndrome, diabetes, hypoglycemia, clogged arteries, etcetera, etcetera.

But I have more good news for you.  Your body can be well again! But you have to stop eating refined packaged food products. There are so many different ways you can prepare whole wheat flour products. From donuts and bagels to heart-healthy waffles and pancakes to dumplings for chicken soup. You will notice a substantial difference in the way you feel and look just by changing over from a white wheat diet to a whole wheat diet. The benefits of eating whole wheat and other whole grains will provide you with a longer, healthier life!