Parents Are Children's Example
By A.J Lewis
Copyright 2005 Heaven Ministries


We can have so much abundance in this world and still follow the righteous path! We do not need to feel that following Jesus will constrain our happiness. Jesus is happiness. Having the gift of the Holy Spirit is the gift that brings true happiness and peace into our lives. All we need to do is give up our selfish path by giving up our self to Him. 

Selfishness is an enticement to sin. We are tempted by what we want and by what we need, and what will make us happy. Yet, not everyone desires to be selfish. Children do not become selfish on their own, they are made to be selfish by watching and learning.  

As parents, we are the ones that show by example. We first must learn the REAL way to bring Jesus into our life before we can show our children. Small children have no sin, they are pure in heart and mind and learn to sin by what they see. 

A child that is influenced by so many deterrents as he/she grows up, such as peer pressure, television, Hollywood, technology; etc, really needs to know  about his spiritual self that makes up a part of who he is.  He cannot know about his spiritual self until he learns that Jesus lives in him. Children lean on what they know.  If they do not know about God, they will rely upon the culture.  We do not want our children to give themselves up to immorality do we? 

This is why we must instill into our children that they have the power of the Holy Spirit for guidance and love. This gives them a conscience to realize right from wrong. When choices are brought forth in their growing up years, maybe they will choose Jesus instead.  Maybe they will choose to give up the sinful life to Jesus. 

Since the culture is so much a part of their lives, we as parents need to teach them the correct way to live by it. Television is not evil in itself, it's what is viewed on that television that is wrong. Computers aren't bad either, but Satan uses the ungodly to display sexual images and other sick stuff on it, and we don't even need to browse to it.  

If we want our children to love and be giving, we need to supply that through what we do with our own lives.  And because there is so much that can influence children, we should want to take our position as parents seriously enough to bring on the principles of Christ into our home. 

I believe that even though there is many influences that can take on the life of a child it all still rests in the home.  What that child believes, becomes and does in life centers on what principles and values they have been taught in the home. 

We should not want to be too selfish for our children. This is what is meant by giving up of oneself to give to to others. To give the life spirit to our children should not be thought of as giving up of anything, but should be a joy for the whole family.

It is not that we or our children are spiritless, but that we do not know that we have a spirit. The culture of society is not spiritual, so how can it guide our children to seek out what is spiritual? 

What will guide our path in life to Truth and Wisdom? What is going to help children to understand what is right or wrong? Right now in this culture we are portraying that going after our selfish desires is right and that to pursue these desires is the only way to find happiness and love. But this is not so. This leads to rebelliousness and bad attitudes.  

If we rebel against the spirit of Jesus, we are behaving selfishly.  Dressing ourselves half-naked is rebelling against the spirit. Desiring pleasure, no matter what the consequences, is rebelling against the spirit. doing drugs and drinking is rebelling against the spirit. All of these things do not find happiness, they cause unhappiness. they cause a diseased heart and ultimate death. 

Is any of this good for the children? What is good about watching young teenagers destroy themselves with these abuses. Many teenagers that abuse their bodies are angry, they may not show it, but they are in fear of what they see going on in this world.  

Because of their own confusion and not knowing, really, right from wrong, they continue to torment their bodies and soul. The culture tells them, and their parents it is okay to abuse and degrade them self like this. Therefore, no one does anything about it. Jesus can't do anything about it personally because these kids do not know about the spirit that gives life, love, hope and happiness. They do not know it exists. 

They also do not know that what they are doing is degrading or abusive, they think it is the only way to be liked and to feel good about themselves. But, what  teenager do you know that dresses half naked really has a good self esteem? answer that! If she felt good about who she was, she would not have to prove something in her nakedness. She is more than likely wanting and needing love and thinks she found it through her scantily dress. Not surprising, since this is what she sees on television and from her peers.  Most young girls and women today find love through sex.  Is that why more than half of all marriages end in divorce?

The ungodly things in this culture are luring and enticing children into Satan's web of destruction.  That is right! This is what temptation is. Temptation is from Satan. God does not tempt people. God keeps people from temptation. 

Jesus Christ is the only way to the Truth and Life!


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