Parents and Teenagers: Dressing for a Classy and Sophisticated Look
by Angie Lewis  
Heaven Ministries


When you look around in the world what do you see that you would like to modify or transform? I see a messed up pop culture filled up with teenage girls and young women, walking around on the streets, in the stores, and even in church, half naked! I am, a mother of three home-schooled teenage sons, which makes me kind of embarrassed by these tense moments together when half dressed teenage girls and women walk by and smile flirtatiously at my sons, while their bellies and breasts hang out of their shirts.

Below are some summer wear guidelines for dressing for a casual classy and sophisticated look when going out in public.

1. Shorts and pants should not hang so low off your hips so that when you bend over your butt crack shows.

2. Shorts should not be any higher than two inches above the knee. If shorts are too short they tend to inch up, exposing too much thigh. It is classier to only show a little bit rather than bare all.  

3. Shorts should not be so tight that it looks like they were painted on where you can see the outline of a girlís pubic bone and panty lines. Ouch! That has got to be uncomfortable.

4. Best summer attire for wearing out for the classy lady is kaki shorts one inch above the knee with a tailored short sleeved blouse.

5. Summer dresses and skirts should never be so short that when you bend down, your backside is exposed, or when you sit down, the dress inches up to the top of your thigh. This is your cue that the dress is way too short.

Shirts should fit the wearer properly.

1. Shirts should come completely down to the waist over the shorts or tucked into the shorts so your belly is not hanging out.

2.  If you have bigger breasts than a size A, you should wear a bra. There is nothing more sloppy looking than breasts that are left to sag in tight fitting shirts.

3. Bra straps should not show if you are wearing a sleeveless blouse.

4. Blouse or shirt should not be so big or low cut that when you bend down, your cleavage droops down in front of peoples view.

Dressing in this fashion will not stop the stares, and it most likely will get you a few extra from a different breed of men.

I often wonder what my sons are thinking when they see a cute teenage girl, maybe your daughter, wearing only a pair of short-shorts and a skimpy little shirt. Do I dare ask? I donít really think they will tell me what they are thinking.  I look at them and see embarrassed looks on their face, red faced and ashamed that they even smiled back.  My teenage sons have been home schooled since the first grade. So you can see how they would not be used to seeing half naked girls too much. The problem is this teenage skin baring is getting worse.

You know what Iím thinking?  I'm thinking, where are these girlís father? I'm thinking why arenít the fathers protecting their daughters from this sort of exploitation? Does that sound too harsh? I don't think so. When I see half naked, thirteen, fifteen and sixteen years old, I know what they are doing. They are exhibiting their sexual identities through the only means they know how. This is what they are taught and conditioned to believe because this is all they see going on in the world around them. But they have so much more to offer than this!

Just the other day, I saw people coming out of a Church with shorts and t-shirts on! Itís too late to draw the line, precedents have already been established.  At this point, and what I keep saying, is, it is up to the individual to prepare themselves physically and mentally against the temptations of society and for those parents who care about their children to instill the values and principles they will need to equip themselves properly for whatever in the world decides to eat them up from this diseased culture.

Who teaches young girls and women to think they need to go around with their private parts hanging out? Is it the parents fault? I donít think parents are talking to their children. I think that many Christian homes have become too lax in their values to realize that the culture is becoming more and more corrupt. Parents donít realize, or donít care that they are becoming one with this new liberal, ďso called ChristianĒ view.  Society is literally crazy about nakedness and sex! The blind are leading the blind.  

If you are not blind to all of this, then the most important thing you can do for your teenager is to talk to them about the importance of having morals and values within their character. It is the parentís job to erect values in their children, not someone else. Build up your teenagerís self esteem everyday and direct them down the right paths that lead to happiness and love. Teaching them about modesty in everything they do is a great virtue of character to instill in your teenager.

Make it a point to get involved with what they are involved in. Let them know you care. A teen will be less likely to be pressured by their peers when they know who they are, what they believe in, and what they want for themselves.

It is the parentís job to instill these things within the framework of their child when he or she is young, so when they are older, they will not depart from their teaching.  

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6


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