Four-Day Gallbladder Cleanse
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The gallbladder cleanse is an easy and natural way to expel gallstones. What can you expect while doing this simple cleanse? Expect to be hungry for four days.  Putting the joking aside, the gallbladder cleanse is a great way to expel gallstones and clean the gallbladder. The gallbladder cleanse is actually two cleanses in one. The gallbladder cleanse also cleans the urinary tract and kidneys. So the gallbladder cleanse is quite important to overall health and well-being.  

If you susceptible to getting bladder infections and other urinary tract conditions such as kidney stones than this cleanse is an absolute must for you.  But donít take my word for it. Do your own online research and find out all you can about it.

I know what some of you might be thinking. Youíre thinking itís impossible to expel gallstones naturally, right? Well, youíre wrong. At first I was skeptical too, I mean after all, if gallstones were so easily expelled from the body why are more people not doing this simple cleanse rather than having their gallbladders surgically removed? I believe they are skeptical. When we are conditioned since childhood to run to the doctor for every little ailment we begin to believe that doctors really are responsible for our overall health. But doctors are not responsible for our overall health and well being, we are.

Understand the difference. If I got into a car accident and severed an artery, I wouldnít run home and make a juice drink. No, Iím going to run as fast as I can to the nearest doctor to give me some blood. If I fell off my roof and broke my neck, Iím not going to be able to repair that by doing a colon cleanse, I will most definitely need a doctor. Do you see the difference? 

We need doctors for what doctors are trained for. Standard medical doctors do not know anything about natural health, if they did, they wouldn't be putting folks on harsh medications so readily or do surgery.

I do believe that people are becoming wiser to their overall health and opting for a more natural way of healing rather than using medications to mask their symptoms. The first and most important aspect about our health that we need to know is what we put into our bodies on a consistent basis is what makes us vibrant and full of energy or sick and weak. It is our responsibility to take care of our health and we do that by opting for a healthy lifestyle and way of eating.

Frank and I have been cleansing for years because we both grew up in homes eating terrible. Frank grew up eating mostly pasta and white flour bread products and I grew up eating packaged sugary food like cookies, cakes, pies, etc. It was when we were in our late 20's that we realized neither one of us was very healthy, but  we were still young!!

Every time I have done the gallbladder cleanse, which is three times, I have never experienced any side affects except for being hungry and a bit of minor stomach acid on the first day of the cleanse. Some people on the third evening of the cleanse have experienced light to moderate cramping and still others have gotten heartburn, stomachache, and or indigestion. So this is just a guideline on what you may or may not experience. 

The reason we have problems with our gallbladder in the first place is because gallstones get lodged in the ducts that carry bile from the liver to the small intestine. If any of the bile ducts remain blocked for a significant period of time, severe damage or infection can occur in the gallbladder, liver, or pancreas. Diets high in fat and cholesterol and low in fiber increase the risk of gallstones due to increased cholesterol in the bile and reduced gallbladder emptying.

Foods that are the most harmful and that help in the formation of gallstones are hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, white flour products like donuts, potatoes chips, french fries, deep fried foods, pasteurized dairy products, red meat, and alcohol.

If you can, do this cleanse with your spouse so you can encourage one another. If you do not have that option, perhaps you can find a friend to do the cleanse with. Make sure you have four free days of just relaxing and not doing too much heavy labor work. Enjoy yourself while doing the cleanse and know that you are doing something very good for yourself.  Watch movies, take walks, read your favorite novels; keep your mind occupied with hobbies and things you enjoy so you will not be tempted to eat. 

So if and when you are actually ready to do the gall bladder cleanse and expell gallstones naturally, click on the book below for what you will need, directions, and what to expect while doing the cleanse.

Take care and happy cleansing! Email if you have additional questions or concerns about taking the gallbladder cleanse.

Book Resources: This cleanse is in my new book Sugar Overload Syndrome along with a colon cleanse and more great health tips, facts, and secrets for getting healthy and staying that way! You are your body's best friend!

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