Anti-Aging Treatments
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Have You Ever Heard The Saying, “Healthy Body Means Healthy Skin?” I tend to believe it does. The first step in reducing the signs of aging starts on the inside. The most beneficial anti-aging treatments are usually the most simple and natural products on the market. It is important to take care of our skin by exfoliating, and applying a daily moisturizer, but even more important than that is what we are putting in our bodies on a daily basis.

Ask any ageless adult with glowing skin about what they eat on a daily basis and they most likely will tell you, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and a good one-a-day vitamin formula. Ask someone that looks younger than forty, but who is actually fifty, what they eat, and they will usually tell you, plenty of raw fresh green vegetables and daily exercise.

Our skin needs to breathe.  In the long haul the best products for our skin are actually those things that work to maintain our whole body system on an optimal level. So in that regard below is a list of skin care products for not only getting the healthiest looking skin on the planet but also a healthy body.

  1. Colon Cleanse – Whole Psyllium Husks

By far the most important and first step to having flawless skin is detoxifying the bowels. Having a clean intestinal tract is essential for healthy looking skin. If your digestive tract is clogged, so is your skin. Your skin needs to breathe. You can pile on the creams but if the skin is not breathing it won’t do much good in the long run.

  1. Automatic Juice Extractor by Oster

Use your juicer at least three times a week for extracting the juice of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Juice two cloves of garlic with each drink and you will never get sick. Hint: If you juice garlic be sure to juice at least one whole apple or the drink will be too garlicky.

3.      Eat Wholesome Fresh Foods Regularly

I truly believe we start to look like the way we eat. If we eat greasy fast food hamburgers and french-fries for dinner two or three time a week, we’re probably going to get a bit clogged up, have no energy, puffy eyes, pimples, and blotchy skin. But when we eat raw fruits, vegetables and other wholesome foods on a daily basis we’ll have more energy, our skin begins to clear and reveals a natural glow, and it doesn’t matter what age we are!

4.      Daily Moisturizer

My favorite skin care product for applying in the evening before bed is pure virgin coconut oil. Pure virgin coconut oil is the best natural ingredient for anti-aging.  It helps to keep the skin from developing liver spots, and other blemishes caused by aging and over exposure to sunlight.  It helps to keep connective tissues strong and supple so that the skin doesn't sag and wrinkle.  It smells good too. If you apply it regularly you’ll notice a big difference.

Don’t forget about these simple ways to reduce the signs of aging as well. Some things in life are just too precious to come out of a bottle.   

  1. Walk two miles every other day
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Have friendships with happy positive people
  4. Take up a hobby
  5. Meditate and pray

Of course as we age we will begin to have more wrinkles no matter what we do. The natural fine lines and crows feet in the woman over forty is a part of who she is; her face is a picture of beauty; the way she smiles and laughs and loves life. The natural wrinkled look of the woman over forty who takes care of herself actually looks better than the woman who spent thousands of dollars on a face-lift.