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Psyllium Husk Cleanse (colon cleanse) FAQ
Read article about this cleanse.

Question: What are some tell-tell signs that may reveal that this mix (Psyllium Husks) is working effectively in my body?

Answer: The husks scrub the intestinal walls of old fecal matter making it so you retain and assimilate VITAMINS better out of the foods you eat.  This in itself will give you more energy and make you feel better. Everyone is different in how their body responds, and at what point it will respond. If you have eaten a lot of processed foods as a child until now, and if you have NEVER done a colon cleanse before, you will have some changes going through your body, such as bloatiness, gas, maybe even some cramping. But if you are already pretty healthy and have always taken care of your body, then the changes will not be as noticeable.

Question: Is it ok to drink my last psyllium husk drink of the day before going to bed?

Answer: Yes, you may take the husks before going to bed. Just make sure you take it at least 15 minutes before meals and drink plenty of water. The husks have a lot of fiber and so you should drink lots of water with it. 

Question: Where can I buy the blackstrap molasses?

Answer: You can buy blackstrap molasses at the health food store.

Question: Do you suggest getting you intestines cleaned by a professional first or can I just use psyllium husks to do that for me?

Answer: You don't need to see a doctor to do the colon cleanse. Did you read my article
pertaining to the cleanse? Just follow it and you will be doing the cleanse. It is safe and easy to do. I have done the cleanse myself three times, and I take a daily maintenance dose of psyllium every morning to keep me regular. It works!

Question: Is it important to get the whole husks? Why?

Answer: Yes, it is very important to ONLY use the whole husks because they literally scrub the intestinal walls of the old fecal matter. The powders or pills can't do that. People who use the powder husks or the pills complain that the cleanse did not work. Well, no wonder it didn't work they didn't have the correct ingredients that work! Once the intestines are cleaned you will have better bowel movements and you will also absorb the nutrients from the food you eat, which are both very important for optimal health.

Question: Where is a good place to buy the psyllium husks?

Answer: The most reliable source for buying the "whole" psyllium husks is from cleansing or surgery.  http://www.cleansingorsurgery.com/psyllium.htm

Question: I have an 11 month old and am still nursing. Is it ok to do the psyllium husk cleanse while I am nursing?

Answer: The psyllium husk cleanse is a completely natural cleanse using natural ingredients, and so taking it would not harm you or the baby while you are breast feeding.

Question: Do you recommend eating meat, bread, etc?  Or more of a juice fast and raw fruits and vegetables during this cleanse?  I am desperately trying to lose weight too.

Answer: You can go ahead and eat in the same way, and the same foods you have always eaten. That's what I like about this cleanse is you can still eat FOOD! The most important part about this cleanse is to always make sure you take your drink BEFORE eating dinner by at least 15 minutes. If you're trying to lose weight the best and easiest method without missing any of your favorite foods, is to try food combining. My husband and I maintain a pretty constant weight because we combine all the foods we eat properly. To understand more about this great way of eating Amazon this book: Fit For Life by Harvey and Marylyn Diamond. 

Question: I'm 15 Lbs. overweight and crave sweets. Should I take the cleanse drink less times a day?

Answer: No. I recommend that you do take the drink four times per day just as stated in the instructions of my article

Question: The first few days on the cleanse do you actually feel worse than normal. Because I' m on my second day and my stomach is more distended than ever and feel more bloated. This  is discouraging and making me wonder does Psyllium husk trigger any side effects?

Answer: Continue doing the cleanse - your symptoms only mean the cleanse is doing its job! You might feel a bit under the weather for the first week or so, or even longer -- everyone reacts differently to the cleanse. You might get gaseous, bloaty, cramps, mucous, you might feel like you are catching a cold, etc. This is the toxins coming out of your body - they are being disturbed by the cleansing. Toxins thrive on a dirty intestinal tract, but because of the cleanse doing its job, its throwing off the toxins and stirring them up in your system. Try and get your mind off of your symptoms - get yourself some good movies or a good book to read and just relax for the first week or so, if you can, if not, then just know that your discomfort will only last for a little while, pretty soon, in a few weeks you will be feeling much better. So don't give up!

Question: I am currently doing this cleanse. I feel wonderful except I am having heartburn everyday. Have you heard this complaint before? Also I would like to continue after the 3 month period. Is that a ok thing to do?. I have IBS. Also does this aid in weight loss? If I continue what should the dosage be?

Answer: No, I have never heard of someone getting heartburn from doing the psyllium husk cleanse. When are you taking the drink, before or after you eat? It is best to do it at least 15 minutes before each meal or two or three hours after. Be sure to drink lots of water before and after. This also helps so you won't be as hungry at meal times, and we all know what that means. ;-)

Yes, by all means it is safe to drink the psyllium Husks even after you do the three month cleanse, I have done that before as a general maintenance. Take one heaping tablespoon in the morning 15 minutes before eating and that's it - this maintenance dosage will keep your bowels regulated as well. I would not consider the psyllium cleanse to be a way to lose weight, only to feel more energetic and healthy. You may lose some of your mid-drift after you're done with the cleanse but don't take the cleanse just so you will lose weight - that is not the purpose for the cleanse. The purpose for the colon cleanse is to clean the colon/intestines.